Women's cooperative supplies Tirbespiyê with vegetables

A women's cooperative supplies the North Syrian city of Tirbespiyê with vegetables.

Despite war and the danger of a pandemic, the communal economy in northeast Syria continues to develop. A women's cooperative in Tirbespiyê has now been able to expand its production and now supplies the entire district with vegetables. The vegetables from the cooperative are much cheaper than imports. Therefore the production of the cooperative has continuously gained importance in the region.

The plant of the women's cooperative was established in 2015 and produces seasonal vegetables. The vegetables are grown organically, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The plant, which is run by women, provides jobs for several women. The vegetables are marketed in Tirbespiyê. The cooperative produces about six tons of vegetables per year. These are tomatoe, cucumber, pumpkin, chilli, onion and other vegetables.

Ahîn Şikrî Hûsên from the management of the cooperative tells that preventive measures have been taken against the coronavirus. However, the work continues, as the food supply is vital.