Women's Council condemns brutal attack on female politician

The Syrian Women's Council condemned the savage attack on politician Lina Abdulvahab as an "inhuman and treacherous attack" and called on international women's organisations to take action.

The Syrian Women's Council has sharply condemned the brutal attack against politician Lina Abdulvahab. The "inhuman and treacherous attack" is part of the chain of war crimes and crimes against humanity to which the people of Northeast Syria have been subjected every day since the beginning of the invasion of Turkey and its jihadist auxiliary troops, which is contrary to international law, the Women's Council said.

Lina Abdulvahab is a leading member of Syria's Future Party, which is led by a grassroots democratic initiative principle, and sits on the Executive Council of the Deir ez-Zor region of Eastern Syria. On November 17, two masked men stormed her house and opened fire. Abdulvahab was hit by pistol barrels in her face, head and arm - she barely survived. Her house was literally sifted through by the assailants.

The Syrian Women's Council pointed out that the Turkish invasion of Rojava shows all the characteristics of genocide. In addition, the Council said, the occupying troops waged a systematic war against women.

“The crimes against women such as Havrin Khalaf, the secretary general of the Future Party of Syria, who was executed on 12 October 2019 by the pro-Turkish jihadist militia "Ahrar al-Sharqiya", which is part of the proxy army of NATO partner Turkey in the war of aggression against Rojava, and Amara Rênas, a fallen YPJ fighter, whose body was mutilated by a group of pro-Turkish Islamists and filmed in a degrading manner, is a feminicide offence, declared the Women's Council and called on the United Nations and international women's organisations to act.

Nearly 500 civilians killed

Since Turkey launched a war of aggression against the self-governing territories of Northern and Eastern Syria on 9 October 2019, more than 480 civilians have died in genocidal attacks. Almost 1,100 more people have been injured. Around 300,000 civilians were displaced.