Women's health centre opened in Jinwar

As part of the action week on March 8, the international women's day of struggle, the healing and health centre 'Şîfa Jin' was opened in the women's village Jinwar.

As part of the action week on March 8, the international women's day of struggle, the healing and health centre 'Şîfa Jin' in the women's village Jinwar in northern Syria was inaugurated.

'Şîfa Jin' [Women’s Cure] is a healing and health centre for women and children of Jinwar and the surrounding area. In addition to treatments based on naturopathic and modern medicine, the centre produces its own medicines from medicinal plants. The basic philosophy of 'Şîfa Jin' is that health is a mirror of the way of life, relationships with society and the environment, and thus reflects the history of oppression and resistance.

"Throughout history, women have long played a central role in the health of their community. They have passed on and developed knowledge about healing and medicine from generation to generation. Over time, this knowledge and role was violently taken away from them. The goal of 'Şîfa Jin' , which is based on the science of women (Jineolojî), is to regain this knowledge and give it back to women," said one of the residents at the opening.

'Şîfa Jin' was part of the Jinwar project from the very beginning. With the opening, an important step has now been taken. More than 200 visitors came to congratulate and see the health centre. The program for the opening ceremony was designed by Jinwar itself, the Jineolojî Academy and Kongreya Star.

After the official inauguration and the speeches, the guests had the opportunity to see the village and the centre, ask questions and participate in the cultural programme with music and dance that followed.

“We can build up a future with the unity of women where we will live free and healthy,” say the residents of the village who organized an education about health and natural medicine to prepare the works of the health centre. Women from the village as well as women from around took part in the education.

“We had classes about the different body parts, the meaning of health for a free society and for women, the influence of the dominant-male system on the health of women children and the society. We learned about women and children diseases, ways of natural healing and chemical medicine, first aid and physical movement, injuries of the skin and about our vision and aim of the natural healing center. With the 'Şîfa Jin' we want to develop modern as well as natural medicine and healing methods.”