KJK: Elections were not fair

The Kurdistan Women’s Communities (KJK) said that the May 28 presidential election was not a fair and legitimate election, but rather an operation of the special war regime.

In a statement, the KJK said that the elections coincided with the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne and noted that these elections were rigged by the Turkish special war forces.

The KJK's statement is as follows: “As it is known, the most vicious and unlawful attacks were carried out against our leadership, our people, women, youth, freedom and democracy forces, and the guerrillas since 2021. Banned chemical weapons were used in an unprecedented way. The international powers gave their approval to these attacks against our people by remaining silent in an extremely hypocritical manner. As the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne is looming, the main aim of the fascist Turkish state is to complete the elimination of the freedom movement. However, our Leader, women, our people and the guerrillas resisted magnificently against all these racist and nationalist attacks. Contrary to what the Turkish state and the fascist Erdogan government had aimed for, the guerrillas could not be removed from the mountains before the elections.

War against women

The misogynist fascist AKP-MHP regime has waged a war against women. However, women have created great hope and excitement during the election process with their glorious struggle against the male-dominated and sexist policies of the misogynist fascist AKP-MHP regime. The struggle waged by women has ensured the highest level of equal representation of women in democratic politics. They will surely overthrow the AKP-MHP regime organized as a war alliance against women.

Elections were not fair

The May 28 presidential election was not a fair and legitimate election, but rather an operation of the special war regime. The AKP government carried out the most vicious election fraud in the history of Turkey.

As it is known, the Kurdish people have always been decisive in election outcomes. This was evident in the most recent municipal elections.

Our struggle is not just an election struggle. Elections are only one aspect of the struggle. The main thing is that our people are organized in every field where women are present.

Women will keep struggling

In this context, despite all the special war plans of the fascist AKP-MHP regime, our people displayed great resistance in Kurdistan, went to the polls and won. In addition, women and young people worked effectively within the Green left party. Women achieved equal representation in the parliamentary group. As women, we will carry out our struggle for freedom in all areas of life in a strong way.

Therefore, the upcoming struggle process, including local elections, is very important. Fifty percent of the population in Turkey wants change, democracy, freedom and justice. No government can suppress half of society. For the first time in Turkey, the opposition could have got fifty percent of votes. This is important. Let's organize with all our strength, never allow despair and intimidation, let's resist fascism until the end, let's turn Kurdistan into a graveyard for fascism. Let's make the 21st century the century of women and the century of freedom for our people.”