"Here’s Heftanin"

Laleş Rênas has written a commentary from the fighting area in the region of Heftanin in South Kurdistan, in which she tells about the current developments on the ground.

The Turkish army in Heftanin continues to be hit hard. The plans of the AKP/MHP government fail due to the resistance of the guerrillas. Today is the 17th day of the resistance offensive of Heftanin. It has become clear that the operation of the Turkish army against Heftanin is not only about one area. Under the slogan "For the Protection of the Country", the Turkish military has started operations in many places, which finally aim at the occupation and annexation of the whole South Kurdistan.


The army of AKP/MHP fascism plays with its last figures. The guerrilla has started to checkmate the military by completely unexpected blows. The operation against Heftanin was started in the night of June 15 but failed because of the guerrilla resistance. The Turkish army was downright shocked by the new tactics of the guerrillas. It tried to airdrop troops dozens of times but suffered one defeat after another and had to retreat. The Turkish army had not expected such a strong defensive position.

What has happened since?

Since then many actions of the guerrillas have taken place. Sabotage, assassinations but also a new creative use of infiltration tactics led to effective actions. In the areas of Şehîd Adar and Xantûr, six Cobra attack helicopters accompanying the dairropping of troops were hit and damaged. As much as the Turkish media covered up the situation, more than a hundred soldiers died. Every day the Turkish media publishes reports of soldiers who are said to have died in accidents in Manisa or Hatay or elsewhere, one by one. The state still believes it can buy the hearts of Turkish mothers for a few million lira and continues to shout "The martyrs are immortal, the fatherland is indivisible". Does Erdoğan perhaps think that people don't see any contradiction when Erdoğan’s son-in-law gets rich at the banks and his son enjoys himself far away from the war, but the sons of Turkish mothers die in the mountains even before they set foot on the ground?

This is Heftanin!

The guerrillas have made it all clear. They have shown that they will not retreat without resistance. In Xantûr, Dûpişk, Şeşdare, Şehîd Berîvan and Şehîd Adar, there is not a single place where the guerrillas do not fight. The guerrilla makes the Turkish military regret that it came to Heftanin. They do not know how to get out of here. A guerrilla fighter has made the slogan of the resistance clear. She shouted to the enemy: "Here is Heftanin".

*Note: The column was written on July 1, 2020, but it only reached us today due to the war.