KCK Ecology Committee calls for participation in the protest march to Mount Cudi

The KCK Ecology Committee called for broad participation in the protest march to Mount Cudi to be staged on September 17 against the Turkish destruction of nature in Kurdistan.

In a written statement on Monday, the Ecology Committee of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) stressed that it was time to defend life by uniting against the AKP-MHP fascism and the ecological destruction it causes.

The KCK Ecology Committee statement includes the following:

“Mesopotamia, the cradle of humanity, is bombed every day by the AKP-MHP fascist government, the last representative of the colonial genocidal regime. Where bombs are not enough to cause destruction, trees are cut down and chopped down. Just as Enkidu, the main traitor of the Sumerian Mythology, destroyed the Hunbaba of Cedar Forest at Gilgamesh's request, Kurdistan is being deforested by village guards, who are contemporary Enkidus. The genocidal regime does not conform to any codes of warfare ethics in the face of this major natural destruction.

From Dersim to Besta, from Botan to Behdinan, Turkey is carrying out an ecocide, reminiscent of an all-out social massacre. Turkish forces are resorting to destruction and employing all forms of genocide and massacre tools, including tactical nuclear bombs and banned biological and chemical weapons.

In doing so, Turkey is supported by warlords to whom the government has granted its underground and aboveground treasures. War oligarchs make profit from bloody conflicts and slaughters. They sell the chemical and biological weapons they produce to Turkey and buy raw materials for the weapons industry from Turkey, as in the case of Mount Kaz.

In other words, while Turkey destroys Mount Kaz to obtain one gram of uranium, it bombs Kurdistan with the nuclear bombs it receives from NATO, which processes the uranium energy obtained from Mount Kaz. The AKP-MHP fascism does not only pit our peoples against each other thanks to the fascist mobs it promotes, but it also seeks to prevent ecological activists in Bergama, İkizdere and Kaz Mountains from combining forces against the large-scale ecocide in Kurdistan.

The AKP-MHP fascism is using Turkey’s geography as a basis to fund its genocidal war in Kurdistan. Yet, it is destroying both the ecological life of the peoples of Turkey and everything in Kurdistan. Therefore, no one should remain neutral and indifferent towards this huge machine of destruction. What’s being destroyed is ecology and human beings. Nature and human beings are fundamentally interconnected. The cyanide in Bergama is poisoning humanity. Every digger on Moun Kaz is damaging the lungs of humanity. When it comes to Cudi, Turkey is destroying the basic resources of human life, as well as everything created by man.

Therefore, IT IS TIME TO DEFEND LIFE by uniting against the AKP-MHP fascism!

Environmentalists, ecologists, feminists, humanists, anti-militarist and anti-capitalist people and all those who advocate a free life should flock to Cudi like the Noachian deluge.

Just as Noah chose Mount Cudi to protect the resources created by humanity from the flood, so we, as Arabs, Circassians, Georgians, the Laz, Turks, and Kurds, Alevis, Sunnis, Jews, Christians, Muslims, in short, as peoples and faiths from all ethnic groups who have aspirations for a free life, should flock to Mount Cudi.

Because the war against the freedom guerrillas on Mount Cudi is targeting the free future of our peoples and nature.

In order to STOP it and to build our free future, let’s all chant together the slogan "WERIN EM JÎYANÊ BIPARÊZIN" (Let’s Defend Life) on September 17 to protest the colonial fascist regime.”