Nature is being plundered in Şırnak

They call it "mineral exploration", but what is going on in Uludere is a plunder of nature, with trees being cut down and water sources being polluted.

The cutting down of trees in Şırnak continues under the control of soldiers and the village guards. The plundering of nature, which started with the cutting down of trees in the region, is actually carried out by private companies under the name of "mineral exploration". In the mountainous area between the villages of Kiror and Roboski in Uludere, mineral exploration is carried out every 100 meters. The construction machines enter the mountains in this region, destroying the forests.

The excavations and tests to find coal are done at random, affecting large parts of the area. Hundreds of kilograms of rocks are produced. Both the rocks and the cut trees contribute to the pollution of the water and prevent its natural flow.