Bar association fights against massive deforestation in Şırnak

The bar association in Şırnak has launched a new initiative against the massive deforestation in the region and called on the population to directly contact the governor of the province and the local land councils in order to preserve the trees.

In the province of Şırnak in northern Kurdistan, massive deforestation has been taking place for more than two years. Paramilitary village guard associations are clearing forests in the Besta area and the mountainous regions of Cudi and Gabar under state supervision. In the past two years, tens of thousands of tons of timber have been removed from Şırnak for sale. People in the affected region protest against the deforestation, and civil society organisations demand an end to the destruction of nature.

The Şırnak Bar Association is particularly committed to the protection of forests. In July, the association made a desperate appeal to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Values (ÇEKÜL) and Greenpeace to motivate them to take action against environmental destruction. Greenpeace referred to other organisations and stated that the issue does not "fall within the scope of our expertise".

In the meantime, the bar association has launched a new initiative. In an "appeal to our citizens", the population is asked to directly contact the governor of the province and the local land councils for the preservation of the trees. Within two days, more than 180 people submitted a request to this effect.

Muhammed Darga lives in the district of Cizre and wanted to hand over his application to the district governor’s office. There, acceptance of his letter was refused and he was referred to the governor's office. In order not to be rejected again, he has now submitted the application by post. Meanwhile, the Bar Association has repeated its appeal to the people.