Erdal: I commend punishers of the MIT operative that killed Xerib

"The man killed in Hewler (Osman Kose) was not a diplomat. He was the MIT officer for Southern Kurdistan who martyred comrade Helmet (Diyar Xerib). He was the one who planned and coordinated this attack. I commend Kurdish youth who punished this murderer"

People’s Defense Central Headquarters Command Member Dr. Bahoz Erdal stated that the ongoing invasion operation in Xakurke is part of the concept to invade Kurdistan and continued: “There are plots against Iran. They want to settle US forces along the Iranian border. To fulfill both goals, they use the PKK as an excuse to attack. They want to weaken the Kurdish Freedom Movement.”

Erdal said the PKK puts great emphasis on the peace and prosperity of Southern Kurdistan and added that they are not the side to break the peace. The guerrilla fights in Northern Kurdistan, but the Turkish state takes the war into Southern Kurdistan and breaks the peace, said Erdal and added: “Kurdistan’s future, prosperity and peace depend on the Kurdish alliance. We call on all Kurdish organizations to come together on the basis of national unity.”

People’s Defense Central Headquarters Commander Bahoz Erdal went on a special program on Sterk TV and spoke about the Turkish state operations against Medya Defense Zones and the killing of the Turkish intelligence officer in Hewler.

The Turkish state has been attacking Xakurke for two months. Why Xakurke? What does the Turkish state aim for with these attacks?

There has been an intense war in Xakurke for two months. The colonialist Turkish state has been carrying out widespread attacks. The Kurdistan freedom guerrilla display a great resistance against these attacks. Of course our people and the public at large follow the war here. There is a reason behind the Turkish state attacking Xakurke, of course. Why do they insist on Xakurke and Xinere?


There are three reasons for their attacks against these regions. First is to do with Iran. They insist on the Iranian border. They want to enter Southern Kurdistan territory because part of the Iranian border is in this region. They want to remove PKK guerrillas from Xakurke, Xinere and along the border to settle some groups from the US. The goal there is to deepen the embargo on Iran. That is the first reason why they insist so much on the area despite their heavy losses. The second reason is that the colonialist Turkish state wants to colonize Kurdistan’s lands, however small it would be. In Rojava and in Bashur (Southern Kurdistan), they want to colonize the tiniest of villages when they get a chance. This attack is a concept by the colonialist Turkish state. And in this framework, they want to colonize the region. The third reason is that they target the PKK. They use the PKK as an excuse to realize these goals. They come all the way over here, supposedly because of the PKK, and because they want to fight against the PKK. That is the aspect they make public. It is true, PKK is one of the reasons. They do want to weaken the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. The most effective Kurdish force in Kurdistan is the PKK, and they do want to weaken the PKK. It is one of their goals. As such, one must handle the attacks against Xakurke and the regional developments as a whole. As the PKK and the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas, we respond to these attacks through resistance.


There were certain incidents in Hewler recently. Turkish officials say a diplomat named Osman Kose was killed. Now everybody is curious about what the PKK will say. What will you say on the matter?

We didn’t issue a statement immediately after the incident. We wanted to figure out the full extent of the incident. We ran investigations. What we have come to is this: First, this man who was killed (Osman Kose) was not a diplomat. He was the MIT’s Southern Kurdistan officer. He was the man responsible for the MIT organization actively fighting against our movement. There is a department within the MIT who organize actions against our administration and target the movement. They have plans for attacks and assassinations. This man who was killed was at the head of the MIT unit in Southern Kurdistan tasked with assassinating the administration of our movement. He was the leader of these activities.


And, this man is the one responsible for the martyrdom of two comrades alongside comrade Helmet (Diyar Xerib). After he planned the attack and served the intelligence, the attack was carried out at comrade Xerib’s location. This man coordinated many attacks in Southern Kurdistan. That was one of our findings in the investigation.

The second important point is that the Turkish state refrained from announcing the man’s name for the first few days. Later they were forced to, but they still obfuscated certain information. All state officials attended his funeral. The MIT Undersecretary attended his funeral. The ceremony showed that this was not an ordinary man. They wanted to turn the truth on its head and make him look like a diplomat.


All our investigations and our findings show that this was the action of a group of patriotic young people. It seems to be an action by young people who hold our movement in their hearts. Because the guerrilla would be more professional in their actions. For instance, the Sakine Cansiz operation was a special operation against the MIT administration by the guerrilla. In this action, there were some amateurish aspects. But, whoever did carry it out, this action was a good and successful one. We commend them. Because they punished a blood thirsty MIT officer. They killed the murderer of comrade Helmet, and punished the perpetrator of many attacks against Kurds. This was a valuable action. We celebrate the patriotic young people who committed this action.