HDP deputy Dağ: The spirit of '68s today lives in Kurdish youth

HDP Amed MP Dersim Dağ stressed that the Kurdish youth, who shoulder the revolutionary legacy of the 68th Generation, continue to struggle with the same faith and determination.

Dersim Dağ, one of the young deputies of HDP, said that the spirit of the '68s revolutionary youth leaders Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin Inan and Yusuf Aslan, who were executed on 6 May 1972, was kept alive by Kurdish youth.

It has been 48 years since the execution of Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin Inan and Yusuf Aslan, who were among the leaders of the '68s generation. They were hanged on 6 May 1972.

HDP Amed MP Dersim Dağ spoke to ANF about the influence of the '68s generation on today's political youth struggle. 

Dağ noted that the young people in their revolutionary struggle are trying to claim the legacy of the '68s revolutionary struggle. "Millions of young people today are struggling against capitalism, fascism and occupation by getting strength from the struggle tradition left by the '68s generation. Yes, maybe they have not been physically with us for 48 years, but their souls and thoughts are still walking among us. Thousands of Deniz, Hüseyin and Yusuf are fighting today. They are the source of the love of revolution in the hearts of thousands of young people."

Dağ added: "Time is running fast and it changes many things. It is very difficult to catch up with the speed of this time. This movement can take many things from us. So change is inevitable, if you cannot keep up with change, you are doomed to disappear. Here, the strength of the revolutionary youth tradition and the magnitude of its struggle manifests itself. This tradition is a tremendous success if it can still stand upright today, despite the brutality of the time, years of oppression, deaths, arrests and exiles. The source of this success comes from the fact that its foundation is solid and the principles of belief and determination passed down from generation to generation."

Stating that today's political youth is still struggling with the determination of the first day, Dağ said that youth are trying to increase the struggle by keeping up with the changes, conjuncture and catching the spirit of time.

Dağ said: "Memory is very important to us and it is what feeds us. If this struggle has reached millions today, it is thanks to the past power and sacrifice. Everyone is aware of this and tries to put all the energy into the struggle accordingly. We are a tradition that takes energy from each other and complements each other with our past, today and tomorrow, and our strength comes from here."

Noting that the Kurdish youth show their determination with the dynamism of struggle and the power they receive from the tradition, Dağ said: "Today, Kurdish youth continue to fight against fascism in every area. These streets, neighborhoods and cities are ours. We will never allow corruption and destruction."

Recalling that the youth of Kurdistan has taken its source and inspiration from the revolutionary tradition of the '68s Generation, HDP Amed MP Dersim Dağ added: "The suffering, struggle and sacrifices we have experienced have brought us to this day. The '68s Generation is a turning point for Kurds and Kurdish youth. This struggle, which started with a few young people, has reached millions today and has never lost its '68s spirit. The war in Rojava today has been a hope and example to all revolutionaries. Revolutionaries from all over the world flocked to Rojava and established a common line of struggle. The revolutionary youth tradition, which struggled in France, Latin America and around the world in '68s, is struggling in Rojava today. Kurdish youth never lost their '68s spirit."