Karayılan: We will turn Zap into a fortress of victory

Karayılan said that the struggle in Zap and Avaşîn is a national war that determines the future of the people in the region; "The enemy is currently trapped, but the burden of our comrades is not that light. That is why everyone should do all they can."

Murat Karayılan, Commander of the People's Defense Center Headquarters Command, responded to Dengê Welat radio's questions about the Turkish state's newest invasion attacks and the guerrilla resistance in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Karayılan remarked that the Kurdistan freedom fighters in the Zap and Avaşîn regions have fought a valiant war for 15 days and added, "There is no more justifiable cause than the Kurdish people's fight for freedom. Every guerilla fights the enemy like a lion. We have faith in our reasoning, our ways, and our techniques. We believe in the viewpoint of a revolutionary people’s war. We are able to wage such a war against the enemy with this faith and commitment. The enemy, on the other hand, seeks to achieve results through immoral means and methods. Therefore, the victory will be ours, not the enemy's.”

We left behind May 1st Workers' Day. May is also known as the month of martyrs. What do you have to say about this historic month?

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate everyone, particularly Kurdish workers and labourers, on May 1st, which is a day to intensify resistance and battle. I'd like to take this occasion to greet all those resisting.

I once again congratulate our people and the entire Islamic world on the Ramadan Feast. I especially congratulate the mothers and fathers of our valiant martyrs. Martyrs are commemorated on such significant days. I believe that in the future, Kurdistan will be able to celebrate holidays in a liberated environment. Today is a holiday, yet in our country, there are persecution, carnage, death, detention, and arrests, as well as attacks by the enemy. I hope that this day brings our people together.

We are now in the midst of a holy month. May is a holiday for workers and labourers, an Islamic holiday, and the Month of Martyrs. May 1 is also the anniversary of the martyrdom of Ramazan Kaplan in Garzan and Abdulkadir Çubukçu in Beirut. Our first commanders, Mehmet Karasungur and İbrahim Bilgin, as well as Amed Field Commanders Azad Siser and Çekdar Amed, were martyred on May 2.


Many of the martyrs of democracy and freedom in Turkey also lost their lives in May. May 6 marks the martyrdom of Deniz Gezmiş and his companions, and May 18 is the day of martyrdom of İbrahim Kaypakkaya. May 17 is the day of action under the leadership of Ferhat Kurtay. May 18 is the martyrdom day of our first martyr, Haki Karer. In the person of these friends, I commemorate all May martyrs with respect. Our party is the party of martyrs. This movement has reached this stage thanks to the martyrs of this party. The PKK was founded after the martyrdom of comrade Haki Karer, and each martyrdom further developed the party. Martyrs are the source of our strength and struggle. This reality continues to this day. Our movement developed moves following the footsteps of heroic martyrs and has reached this stage.

May 2 is the 39th anniversary of Mehmet Karasungur's martyrdom. Again, May 2 is the day of martyrdom of Azad Siser and Çekdar Amed. It is well known how Mehmet Karasungur, one of the first commanders of the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle, put up resistance and led the way in Hilvan and Siverek. At the same time, he made a great effort for the establishment of national unity and the end the conflict between the Kurds. While he was carrying out this work, he was martyred along with comrade İbrahim.

Our people still need the effort made by comrades Mehmet Karasungur and İbrahim Bilgin 39 years ago for the establishment of national unity. I hereby once again call for the establishment of national unity; everyone should take responsibility and fulfill their duties in this regard. Once again, in the person of comrade Mehmet Karasungur, I commemorate all the martyrs of May and the Kurdistan revolution martyrs with respect. I repeat once again the promise we made to them; we will stick to their cause to the end.


The enemy's attacks on Medya Defense Zones are still ongoing. You mentioned that this war is a battle of existence and non-existence for both sides. At what stage is the war that has been ongoing for 15 days?

The AKP-MHP coalition government is not a typical government. This government was founded in order to crush the Kurdistan Freedom fight and the Kurdish people's gains. It considers the existence and status of the Kurdish people to be a threat to the Turkish state and hence seeks to eradicate both the PKK and the Kurdish people. This is regarded as an obligation by the government. That is why it has been waging an all-out war against us for the past 7 years.

The war began with the aggravation of the isolation (of Abdullah Öcalan) at Imrali. It was exacerbated by the increased persecution in the dungeons. Once again, a massive offensive was launched against our people, those who practice democratic politics and struggle in Turkey. In all places, major attacks were conducted against the guerillas. Despite all of these attacks, the AKP-MHP administration was unable to succeed. As a result, there were several political, social, and economic crises. They attempted to accomplish victory by invading Garê last year but were defeated by the guerilla resistance. They seek to attain the goals that they were unable to achieve last year by attacking the Medya Defense Zones. In any case, they only have this year. This is the government's final year in office. If they succeed in their attacks on us, on the Kurdish people, they will maintain their rule. However, if they fail, they will perish. This is a really important issue for them.

This is particularly true for Erdoğan and Bahçeli. That's why they have been trying so hard to succeed. If they succeed, they will not only eliminate the PKK, but also all of the Kurdish people's achievements. A grave risk will exist for the Kurdish people, and a genocide policy will prevail in Kurdistan. That's why we say it's a war for both sides' existence and non-existence. The struggle in Zap and Avaşîn is a national war, one that will define our people's, and the region's, future. If the enemy prevails against us, fascism and genocide will rule in Kurdistan, bringing about a terrible time for the region.


What is the difference between the latest invasion attacks of the Turkish state and the others? What tactics do they use in attacks?

There are numerous differences between the previous invasion operation and this one. Last year, the enemy launched an attack on us for the same reason but was foiled. They made some changes this year, hoping to achieve results in this manner. In this most recent operation, the enemy employs more techniques and has prepared outside forces for additional assistance. Most notably, it has increased the activation of the Kurdish collaborative network. In other words, there are secret talks and promises being made between them and the KDP in order to launch an attack from the South Kurdistan line as well. The KDP has also made preparations for the enemy. The enemy predicted that they would besiege the guerrilla in Zap and be successful.


They wanted to reactivate Kurdish collaborationists in Bakur as well as Bashur and involve them in the operation. They assemble all of Kurdistan's village guards and engage them in the operation. Again, leftover ISIS gangs in Syria, particularly those from Turkmenistan, are also included in the operation. They seek to achieve results through enhanced technology, Kurdish collaborators, and, most importantly, the use of chemical weapons. They resorted to these methods last year as well, but this year they hope to capitalize more on the Kurdish collaborationists. They even predict that a conflict will erupt amongst the Kurds. They want to achieve results within this framework.


The enemy's aggression is said to have commenced on April 17, but was actually launched on April 1, with fighter jets, howitzers, and mortars. Then, on the evening of April 17, at half-past eight o'clock, they suddenly attempted to airdrop soldiers by helicopter in Zap and other regions. They intended to catch the guerrilla off guard by airdropping soldiers in 9-10 locations at the same time. They intended to take the region by taking advantage of the chaos and bewilderment. In other words, they planned to settle in these places in a single day. They were, however, up against the self-sacrificing guerrillas of Kurdistan. It is admirable that the guerrillas in the Zap and Avaşîn areas interfered with the enemy so selflessly and consciously. Our comrades demonstrated great bravery. When the enemy sought to airdrop soldiers for 5-6 days in a row, our comrades prevented them and engaged in hand-to-hand fighting. If guerrilla had not reacted in a timely and proper manner, the enemy could have successfully penetrated several vital locations. However, our comrades' vigilance, as well as their self-sacrificing, courageous, and fearless response to the attacks, prevented the enemy's plans from succeeding.


In several regions, the enemy was unable to airdrop troops. True, it was able to do it in some regions, but it only did so after 5-6 days, and they are now stuck there. For example, the forces they airdropped in Kurojahro were in a perilous position. The enemy moved by land to rescue his forces from Sheladîzê. Nonetheless, they suffered heavy losses. A massive war is being fought. The enemy launched air and ground attacks using planes, helicopters, howitzers, and other weaponry. They came from Bakur by land as well. They planned to appall our forces and take advantage of the ensuing chaos in this way. Our valiant comrades, on the other hand, responded to these attacks with great determination and courage, ultimately defeating the enemy troops. The Kurdistan independence guerrillas have had amazing success in this fight, which left 15 days behind.

That is why, through you, I extend my heartfelt greetings to the fighters in Zap and Avaşîn provinces and congratulate them all on their bravery. These heroes should be honored by our people as well, because they prevented a major threat and prevented the enemy from gaining ground.

I respectfully remember all of our martyrs who gave their lives fighting valiantly in this resistance, and we promise once more that they shall be avenged. We will keep their memories alive and take revenge. We will turn Zap  into a fortress of resistance and victory. This is how we will take revenge on the enemy.


The enemy has never been able to reach the positions till now, and the allegations made by the Turkish state's war minister are false. They suffered too many losses. According to our comrades’ estimates, and as far as we can tell, they had roughly 300 casualties. Erdogan and Bahceli have clearly put hundreds and thousands of soldiers' lives in jeopardy. For example, if they try to airdrop soldiers but are unable to do so, the helicopter returns. They try to airdrop the soldiers again after 1.5-2 hours, but the comrades intervene and do not allow them to do so. Because the soldiers are unable to return to their bases, they are left all by themselves. They tell the soldiers that they must either die or get stationed. They have no way back.


They send Turkish children, including maybe Kurdish children, to die for their own profit. They send people's children to die in order to maintain their rule and cover up their corruption. They also go on television and lie in front of the people. Maybe they've only announced ten losses so far, but that's not the case. They've had far too many losses. They are not telling Turkey’s people the truth. There is a severe war going on, and many people are dying as a result of it. That is why they have resumed the use of chemical weapons.


The enemy is now entrapped, but the burden of our comrades is not so light. We must also support the heroes of Zap in all areas. Everyone, including our people, friends, and Kurdistan provinces, must do their part. Because a national battle is being fought, everyone must do all they can.

We also have comrades who have been martyred in this battle. We announce the identities of our martyrs, but there are some whose names and personal records have not yet been clarified. We shall reveal the names of all our martyred comrades. We never conceal our losses. We are in a major conflict, and we want the entire world, particularly our people, to realize the price we have paid for it. That is why we do not conceal our losses. Our martyrs are a source of honor for us. We are engaged in a major conflict with an enemy who is backed by international forces and employs cutting-edge technological weapons. This is not an easy task, and we will undoubtedly suffer losses. We will continue to publish the identities of our martyred companions.

How did guerilla tactics change in response to these attacks? How does the guerilla withstand such tremendous attacks and carry out such successful actions?

The Kurdistan freedom guerrilla has mastered the art of battle. No one would have been able to withstand such huge attacks without reaching such depths. The guerilla resists with immense faith and courage, according to Rêber Apo's (Abdullah Öcalan’s) ideology and philosophy. Without a doubt, war is not fought solely with courage, faith, and will. At the same time, the art of battle has depth and rich strategies, which have been advanced by our comrades. A war is being fought using competent and professional tactics. The experiences we had last year, in particular, were quite valuable to us. Many experiences were gathered in the conflict in Heftanîn in 2020, as well as in the areas of Avaşîn, Zap, Metîna, Zendura, Mamreşo, Girêsor, and Werxelê last year. As a result of these experiences, our comrades progressed to a certain point, and such resistance has been demonstrated against the enemy.


Our comrades' tactics and methods have also resulted in numerous innovations in guerrilla wars around the world. The guerrilla is devising tactics and methods that will serve as a model not only for Kurdistan but for the entire world. In other words, the battle is not being waged in a single direction. It is carried out with sophisticated strategies, methods, faith, will, and commitment. Because all of these things work together, the guerilla can withstand these devastating strikes. Currently, the enemy is employing chemical weapons. They would be vanquished by the guerrilla in an instant if they did not utilize chemical weapons. People had to escape anywhere they used chemicals. Their own soldiers did not remain there either. But, for the time being, the use of chemical weapons is not a solution either. Of course, we must fight this; it is not a human thing to do, but today the guerrillas stand against the enemy. A certain level has been attained. This is a tremendous honour for all Kurds. Such resistance against an army that considers itself to be NATO's second-largest army is not common.


They claim the guerrilla cannot hold out for long. No, that is not the case. If there is a force to be defeated in those places, it is the invading Turkish state, the Turkish army. The guerrilla's resistance, fortitude, and the tactics and methods it creates to provide the foundation of victory. The enemy now depends mostly on its technological superiority and Kurdish collaboration. He has no will to fight; instead, he organizes gangs and guards and conducts operations. This is how he intends to achieve his goals. We, on the other hand, are engaged in a righteous cause. There is no more just cause than the Kurdish people's freedom cause. We are fighting for our existence, language, and nation. Our power comes from Rêber Apo's thoughts and our martyrs. This is a belief that every friend is adorned with while fighting. Every guerilla fights the enemy like a lion. All our comrades have great willpower. Again, we rely on our ideas, methods, and ways. We believe in the viewpoint of a revolutionary people’s war. We are able to wage such a war against the enemy with this faith and commitment. The enemy, on the other hand, seeks to achieve results through unethical means and tactics. The victory will be ours, not the enemy's.

What role do mobile guerilla units play in this war?

The mobile units of the Kurdistan independence guerrilla resist and fight using any and all means at their disposal. Mobile teams play a vital role. They have carried out a number of successful operations. In other words, a small force can do significant damage to the enemy, and shoot the enemy in the heart. Our comrades can undertake more effective actions as long as no faults are made in the approaches and methods used by mobile teams. Not just one team, but numerous teams, can work together to achieve a common goal. They can, without a doubt, act in different ways all the time when they are side by side. We are in the process of developing new approaches and methods. The mobile team strategy undermines the enemy's technique. Mobile teams play a critical role.

We are aware that the burden of our comrades is really heavy. The comrades should be aware that they, too, play a historic role. So, be patient, planned, and wise. Deepen your understanding of the ways and methods that arose from the blood of our martyrs. On this basis, comrades can defeat the enemy's strategy and ensure the success of the revolutionary strategy.