Afrin Association denounces the Syrian embargo on Shehba, calling for immediate intervention

The Damascus government, which has imposed a heavy embargo on the Shehba Canton, does not allow basic foodstuffs, children's supplies and fuel to enter the canton.

The Damascus government has tightened the embargo on the Shehba Canton and is preventing the passage of vital supplies (child milk, fuel, medicine and food, etc.) to the region. Hospitals, education as well as almost all service institutions in Shehba are out of service, while the bakeries in the region are about to reach a level where they cannot be operated. At the same time, education had to be suspended due to fuel shortages and stalled vehicles. 14,500 students were deprived of their education.  

Making a statement on the issue, Cizir Region Afrin Social Association condemned the inhumane sanctions of the Damascus government against the people of Shehba.

The statement was read by Zerîban Hisên, a member of the Association, in front of the Afrin Association building in Qamishlo with the participation of Afrin IDPs and members of the association.

The association stated that the Damascus government, which has been pursuing a policy of siege and blockade against Shehba for the last 5 years, concurrently with the Turkish state's occupation of Afrin, has further tightened the embargo against the people of Shehba and Afrin refugees, who settled in camps after the destruction of their houses. It was emphasised that the embargo targets the will of the people.

The statement pointed out that the passage of medicine, flour, fuel and other basic needs to the region through the 4th Division affiliated to the Damascus government is prevented, and the electricity is completely cut off due to fuel shortages in the region of Shehba, where the Turkish state continues its attacks.

The association stressed that it will always stand by the people of Shehba and called on the international community to immediately intervene in the embargo to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the region.