Journalist Deniz Firat killed by ISIS remembered in Maxmur

Deniz Firat has been remembered in Maxmur. The Kurdish journalist was killed in an ISIS attack on the refugee camp in Southern Kurdistan six years ago.

Deniz Firat (Methiye Yildiztan) was commemorated on the sixth anniversary of her death. The Kurdish journalist came from the province of Van in Northern Kurdistan and lived with her family in the Maxmur refugee camp in Southern Kurdistan. In August 2014, the ISIS attacked Maxmur in addition to the Yazidi settlement area Shengal and other places. The camp had to be evacuated. Deniz Firat reported on site for ANF and the Kurdish TV stations Stêrk TV and Ronahî TV. She died on August 8.

Firat’s family, friends and members of the media group from Mamur remembered her at the place of her death in the vicinity of the refugee camp. The commemoration began with a minute of silence for all journalists who died in Kurdistan while carrying out their work. Then the parents of Deniz Firat and Filiz Budak spoke on behalf of the Media Group of Maxmur.

Deniz Firat's mother Sultan Yildiztan drew attention to the siege and the continued attacks on the refugee camp. The area surrounding the camp was last bombed by the Turkish air force in mid-June. Yildiztan stated that Turkey was continuing what the ISIS had started. Filiz Budak described Deniz Firat as a symbol of resistance and said that her work and struggle would continue.