Journalist Gök appears before a judge today

Journalist Abdurrahman Gök has been behind bars for 143 days. He is appearing before the judge for the first time today.

Journalist Abdurrahman Gök will appear before the judge for the first time today for the hearing of the case against him on the allegation of "membership in an illegal organisation". He has been behind bars for 143 days. 

The trial is held at Diyarbakır's 5th Heavy Penal Court. 

Journalist Abdurrahman Gök, Mesopotamia News Agency (MA) editor, JINNEWS reporter Beritan Canözer and journalists Mehmet Şah Oruç, Mikail Barut and Remzi Akkaya were imprisoned on 27 April on charges of "membership in a terrorist organization". Canözer was released on 23 June, after the indictment against the journalists was accepted.

Gök said after his arrest: "Fascism will be defeated. Do not worry! This fascist order will go away. Down with fascism, long live the free press!"