First anniversary of the death of Zeki Şengali

Family of Zeki Şengali has visited Shengal on the first anniversary of the death of the leading Yazidi representative who was killed in a Turkish air strike in August 2018.

The Turkish state last year carried out an assassination with fighter jets on August 15, the 4th anniversary of the massacre the ISIS gangs had carried out in Shengal’s Kocho village. Yazidi Society Coordination and KCK Executive Council member Zeki Şengali – Mam (Uncle) Zeki of the Yazidis- was targeted in the attack and lost his life.

The attack on the vehicle of the Yazidi politician occurred on his way back from a memorial service in the village of Kocho. The village had been almost completely wiped out by the terrorist Islamic State (ISIS) on 15 August 2014.

In memory of the leading Kurdish-Yazidi people's representative, an event will be held today at Shengal Mountain. On this occasion, his family traveled to Shengal to attend the commemoration.

Şengali's wife, Gülistan Özden, expressed her condolences to the people, saying: "As his family, we extend our sincere condolences to our people and Kurdistan. Zeki always saw Kurdistan as his family. He came to Shengal to prevent a genocide."

"We condemn those who collaborate with the Turkish state," said Sengaiî's sister Xezal Özden and continued, "but it is not enough to convict them alone. We must always stand up for our martyrs. We see a society following the way of the martyrs. We have become a big family today. Martyr Zeki chose the right path. The ideas of Leader Apo have reached Shengal."