Kurdish mothers call for an end to Turkish attacks after KCK’s halt of military actions

Mothers in the Cizre district of Sirnak spoke out against Turkey's continuous attacks despite the inaction declared by the KCK, saying; "If Turkey is in favour of peace, it should respond to the KCK's inaction."

Despite an inaction announced by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), Turkey continues its attacks against the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). The KCK’s decision was taken after the devastating earthquake disaster in the Turkish-Syrian border area on 6 February. The Kurdish guerrillas, which include the HPG and the YJA Star (Free Women's Troops), are implementing the call for a cessation of all hostilities and are in a defensive position.

In a statement on February 9, the KCK, an umbrella organization of the Kurdish freedom movement of which the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) is also a member, called for a halt of military actions in Turkey, in metropolises and cities. “It is necessary to prevent the people from experiencing even more suffering in this affliction”, said Cemil Bayık, co-chairman of the executive council of the KCK.

The Central Headquarters of the People's Defence Forces (HSM) expressed support for the KCK's call and said on February 11 that the guerrillas were ready to do their part to alleviate the suffering of people.

On March 27, the KCK Executive Council co-chair Besê Hozat announced that the unilateral ceasefire would remain in place until after the elections to be held in Turkey on May 14.

In a message to its commanders and fighters on March 23, the People's Defence Centre (HSM) Headquarters Command stated that the AKP-MHP government may escalate its attacks before the upcoming elections on May 14.  “As is known to all, our movement declared inaction after the earthquakes in Kurdistan, Turkey and Syria. Our Headquarters Command also confirmed this decision. However, the fascist AKP-MHP regime turns a blind eye to this extraordinary situation and continues its attacks against our forces. This fascist state does not respect any conscience. It wants to maintain its power and keep the regime alive over the death of our people. We have declared inaction, which is, however, disturbed by the enemy. Our people and the public are already aware of the situation and see how humane, popular and social our attitude is, and how unscrupulous the occupying Turkish state is.”

HSM pointed out that, “The stance of our movement is right, but the enemy does not listen to it. On the contrary, it is increasing its attacks and consolidating the chauvinist, racist wave in the society of Turkey. It wants to start a war before the elections. For this, it will carry out attacks. All of us, all friends, must be prepared for such a situation. No one should abandon caution. On the contrary, everyone must develop strength. In this critical and delicate period, the military forces as well as the political and social forces must be very careful and be prepared for all possible developments. More attention and caution are needed today than ever before.”


Speaking to the Mezopotamya Agency (MA), mothers in the Cizre district of Sirnak province reacted to Turkey's ongoing attacks and called for a cessation of attacks.

One of the mothers, Nafiye Küçük (57) said that the KCK's inaction was very important. "The PKK does not carry out any attack, but Turkey attacks every day. The inaction decision declared by the PKK is important because of the earthquake. We want no one to die and we promote a solution. International powers also ignore the KCK’s decision and overlook Turkey’s attacks. Turkey should stop its attacks.”


Zeynep Yılmaz (58) said: “If Turkey is in favour of peace, it should respond to the KCK's inaction. We do not want anyone to die. Turkey should also stop its attacks and declare a ceasefire. Countless people died because of the earthquakes, but Turkey still did not stop its attacks.”


Fatma Akça (68) said: “Erdoğan should have a conscience. We want those children to return to their houses. Erdoğan gets his own way. He should finally stop.”

Zeynep Ergen (69) called on both sides to stop the war, saying: “We, Kurds, want nothing but peace. There is no justice, no law in the country. Turkey should also cease its attacks as the PKK has already done so.”