People of Maxmur protest against the embargo

People of Maxmur demand an end to the strict embargo imposed on the camp.

The Maxmur Refugee Camp, home to over 13,000 Kurdish refugees, has endured many hardships, including military assaults. Turkish military airstrikes on the camp on 6 December 2017 and 13 December 2018 killed 8 camp residents and injured others, and a new wave of attacks and pressure on the Maxmur Camp began on 19 July.

After the 17 July attack in the Huqqabaz restaurant in Erbil targeting employees of Turkey’s MIT (National Intelligence Agency) which left three people dead, the security forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) closed all ways in and out of the Maxmur Camp, which is now surrounded and under a strict embargo.

On day 71 of the embargo, thousands of residents took to the streets and staged a march with photos of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and flags of KJK and KCK.

The organization committee stated that the mass will make a press statement at the checkpoint of Iraqi soldiers.

In the meantime, the sit-in action of Peace Mothers from Maxmur who demand the end of the embargo at an Asayish (Public Security Forces) checkpoint continues on day 26.