Urgent call from Dr. Medya: End the embargo against Maxmur

Dr. Medya Almani protested the embargo against Mexmur and said, “Politics must not interfere with health. We are calling on the UN and international human rights organizations to fulfill their duty in ending the embargo.”

Dr. Medya Almani has been providing medical services in the region since 1993. Having worked at the Martyr Rustem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp for years, Dr. Medya Almani spoke to RojNews about the negative impact of the 19-day KDP embargo imposed upon the Camp.

Dr. Medya Almani said the Maxmur Camp is under control of the United Nations (UN), Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraqi Central Government: “Authorities fulfilled their duties to the camp residents for a while, but recently they have been failing. After ISIS gangs attacked Maxmur, UN and the Iraqi government stepped away from the camp. Since then, people have had trouble seeing to their needs of medicine, food, education and security. The Maxmur Camp was targeted by Turkish state jets several times. But the UN, KRG and Iraqi Central Government have remained silent.”


Dr. Medya Almani said KDP’s embargo against the Maxmur Camp has affected people: “We refer the patients we can’t treat here to Hewler. There are several patients who are severely ill, but because the road is closed they have to turn back. This is risking their lives. In these few days, two pregnant women were stopped by the KDP asayish at the Zurka checkpoint. They lost their babies because they weren’t let through. A patient’s appendix ruptured when he wasn’t allowed to go to Hewler. Only then he was let through.”


Dr. Medya Almani said politics must not interfere with health: “My call for the UNHCR, MSF, humanitarian aid organizations, human rights organizations and all democratic persons to speak up against the embargo against camp residents. The embargo must end at once.”