Turkish state cuts down four million trees in southern Kurdistan

The leader of the Green Party of Kurdistan, Milko Bazyani, reported the Turkish occupation forces have cut down at least four million trees in the region of Behdinan alone.

The Turkish occupying forces are pursuing a policy of plundering and scorched earth in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). Whole swathes of land are contaminated by ammunition and chemical weapons, and forests are cut down or set on fire to prevent the movement of the guerrillas. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), 1.3 million hectares of land have been burnt over the last ten years, mainly by Turkish attacks.

In addition, profit is made from the felled trees by selling them in Turkey. South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP, which is completely dependent on Turkey, participates in this colonial approach. Companies are making a profit from the destruction.

Milko Bazyani, leader of the Kurdistan Green Party, spoke to RojNews about the extent of the destruction and said: "Last year, the Turkish state had four million trees cut down in Behdinan by a Turkish company. Some areas in Behdinan have turned into desert. We have complained to the United Nations (UN) about Turkey's destruction of the forests in Kurdistan. Unfortunately, we have not received a reply."