YJA Star guerrilla: We are fighting a cowardly enemy

"Our enemies thought they could finish us off, but they haven't managed to do so. We are only angrier and more determined,” YJA Star guerrilla Arin Xalid said.

Speaking to ANF, Arin Xalid, a fighter of the Free Women’s Troops (YJA Star), stated that the guerrillas in the regions of Avaşîn, Zap and Metîna in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) continue to put up great resistance.

"It is up to all the peoples of Kurdistan and the Middle East to preserve this resistance, but above all, we have this task. We are the ones called Heval (Comrade) by the martyrs, we are the comrades they trusted. Our comrades have carried the resistance this far. Now the burden is on our shoulders. Whether we manage to carry this burden to the finish line will be decided by our determined attitude and motivation. It is now about embracing this resistance, continuing to hold on to Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and moving forward at the same time," said the guerrilla fighter.


Arin Xalid continued: "In the past months, our comrades have given one shock after another to the enemy. Their resistance to the enemy's chemical weapons will herald its end. While the enemy is trying to destroy us, we have to finish the revolution. We must realise this revolution now so that more of our friends like Comrade Helbest and Comrade Baz do not fall because of chemical weapons. We are fighting against a cowardly enemy.”


“Our enemies thought they could finish us off, but they did not. They could not destroy us. The fallen comrades who were there before us keep reminding us of our line. Our rage was intensified even more. The chemical weapons used may give the enemy technical superiority, but our martyrs strengthen our resolve. They have become an example of lived resistance for us to follow. Now is not the time to just watch and get emotional. The struggle of our martyrs has brought us this far, and now we are ready to give our all to complete their work. But we will not give the enemy the satisfaction of simply killing us. Every day we take an oath again to defeat the enemy,” Xalid underlined.


The YJA Star guerrilla concluded, “It is time to strike a blow to the enemy, defend our values and protect each other. The Kurdish people should protect their children above all. Everyone should protect and defend their children and their homeland, which is an honor and therefore must be claimed.”