Aid Campaign for Rojava

Heyva Sor UK has started a campaign to support the people of North and East Syria who are subjected to violent attacks by the Turkish army and allied jihadists whose incursion to invade the region continues on day 8.

The Kurds are faced with yet another massacre after the Turkish state started a military invasion into Rojava (North-Eastern Syria) on 9th October 2019.

With heavy bombardment on cities and villages, over 50 civilians have been killed in just four days, with more than 80 injured and 200,000 people displaced. As the ground assaults by the jihadi mercenaries and air strikes intensify more and more people are expected to be killed each passing day and the people fear a genocide.

Kurdish Red Crescent Heyva Sor is the only charity on the ground trying to take aid and basic survival supplies to those injured and displaced.

Heyva Sor UK has started a campaign to support these people who have already lost many family members in the war against ISIS and are faced with yet another grave situation to deal with on their own.

All donations made will go to those in most dire situations, with the priority of getting medical supplies.

Donations can be made on: