Amed victory dedicated to Kisanak and Anli

Newly elected Amed Metropolitan Municipality Co-mayors issued a thank you message and said, “We dedicate this victory by our people of Amed to Gultan Kisanak, Firat Anli and all co-mayors whose rights have been confiscated.”

Newly elected Co-mayors for Amed (Diyarbakır) Metropolitan Municipality, Hulya Alokmen Uyanik and Adnan Selcuk Mizrakli thanked the people of Amed after emerging victorious.

The Co-mayors said the people of Amed have taken back their municipality through democratic struggle despite all obstacles, pressures and arrests. They continued:

“We dedicate this victory by our people of Amed to Gultan Kisanak, Firat Anli who had been elected co-mayors of this city in 2014 and all co-mayors and city council members whose rights have been confiscated. This success belongs to Amed. This success belongs to us all. We offer our eternal gratitude to all our people who supported this success.”

The Co-mayors promised to embrace all of Amed and all its people and said: “We also promise to continue our work where we left off, in the framework of justice and rights, without discrimination. We salute the people of Amed who stood by us in our effort to return to democracy on March 31 and call on all sections of society to come together around the common denominator of Amed. We are grateful for the efforts of our colleagues, our candidates and our people. We bow our heads in respect in front of the people of Amed. Let’s work together for Amed. Amed Bajarê Bîr û Evînê ye.”