HPG and YJA Star guerrillas: We will defeat the enemy!

HPG guerrilla German Azad Şevger and YJA Star guerrilla Evîndar Kurdistan stated that the Turkish state is carrying out all kinds of attacks, even chemical weapons, and that they will defeat the enemy no matter what.

On the occasion of the Martyrs of May, YJA Star guerrillas Evîndar Kurdistan, paid tribute to all the martyrs in the persons of Haki Karer and Hozan Mizgin. She said that they are fighting along the lines of the martyrs and that they will never bow to the attacks by the Turkish state.

Evîndar Kurdistan said, "The Turkish state carries out all kinds of attacks, including with chemical weapons, and brutally murders the children of this people, but no matter what it does, it can destroy neither the guerrillas nor the Kurdish people. On this basis, we will make 2022 the year of success. Just as our friends shot down a Skorsky in Zap, we will defeat the invading enemy in this way. This year will be the year of freedom for Rêber Apo and the Kurdish people.”

The Rojava revolution is known to be a magnet for internationalists worldwide. Even among the guerrillas in the Kurdish mountains, people from different countries are fighting for the concept of a free society presented by Abdullah Öcalan based on the principles of grassroots democracy, gender liberation and ecology. One of these internationalists is Azad Şevger from Germany. He went to the mountains and learned Kurdish. In German and Kurdish he makes an appeal to all freedom-loving young people.

Guerrilla Azad Şevger said: "This is a message from the free mountains of Kurdistan to all young people who love freedom, consider themselves socialists and stand up for freedom, peace and justice. The revolution is progressing in Kurdistan. A guerrilla war is raging on the free mountains of Kurdistan. The enemy is attacking us everywhere. Now is the time when we need to show the enemy our determination. I call on everyone to join the ranks of the revolution! Together we will defeat the enemy.”