Kurdish family in Konya killed for racist motives, confirms lawyer

The lawyer of the Dedeoğulları family, Abdurrahman Karabulut, said: "The images, audio recordings and messages obtained from phones have now unquestionably revealed that the killings had a racist motive."

Abdurrahman Karabulut, the lawyer of Dedeoğulları family, who was murdered in Konya, held a press conference in his office on the latest developments in the case. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Kocaeli deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu also attended the meeting.

Speaking first at the meeting, Gergerlioğlu said: “We have been talking about a massacre that reflects a terrible hatred. We have followed the issue from the beginning and then brought it to the agenda in Parliament. As a party, we constantly draw attention to the importance of the Kurdish issue. It is clear that the problem must be resolved. But at this point, we are faced with such a terrible massacre. The HDP will follow the case with commitment. But we see that there are great omissions before and after the killings. We have seen that our claims have come true. There are some very serious developments."

Lawyer Karabulut said: “After the first attack on my clients on 12 May, we stated that the attack had a racist motive. We were stating these while speaking about the statements given by 5 of my 7 clients at the police and prosecutor's office. After the 12 May attack, 6 people were arrested, and 4 people were released shortly after. The massacre took place on 30 July, while we were demanding re-arrest of the suspects and protection for my clients."

Racist correspondence

The lawyer said that he will deal with the investigation file from 4 aspects as of the current stage, and gave some information about the WhatsApp group named "court" created by 18 suspects among themselves after the 12 May attack, and the audio recordings. "The images, sound recordings and messages obtained from the confiscated phones are now unequivocally revealed that the attack was committed with a racist motive. The racist motive is clearly understood in the phone call of Veli Keleş, who is in prison, with the released Ali Keleş. In the audio recording and in the messages of the suspects among themselves, the phrase ‘Have the Kurds settled’ emerged clearly."

Karabulut listed a number of other messages and phone calls to prove his accusation. "No one can deny any longer that the incident was not committed with a racist motive.”

Karabulut continued: “For 55 days, we were not given voice recordings and messages. The prosecutor conducting the investigation wrote to the Ministry of Justice. He asked if he would give us the documents we wanted. In its reply letter, the Ministry of Justice answers, ‘We do not have the authority to make such a decision’.”


An armed attack was carried out on 30 July 2021 on the house of the Dedeoğulları family living in the neighbourhood of Hasanköy in Meram, Konya. The attackers murdered family members Yaşar Dedeoğulları, Barış Dedeoğulları, Serpil Dedeoğulları, Serap Dedeoğulları, İpek Dedeoğulları, Metin Dedeoğulları and Sibel Dedeoğulları. After the massacre, the attackers set fire to the house and fled the scene.

Abdurrahman Karabulut, the lawyer of the family, said their clients had been attacked by a group of 60 people before. Speaking to Artı TV, lawyer Karabulut said: "The family was first attacked by a group of 50-60 people on 12 May. 7 people were arrested. However, one or two people a week were quickly released until nobody was left in prison despite the demand for new arrests."