Self-produced ventilators in Rojava

There are only 27 ventilators in the whole of northern and eastern Syria. Three people have therefore decided to develop their own ventilator for possible Covid-19 cases.

North and East Syrian territories are largely encircled and medical supplies reach the region only by difficult routes. The people depend on their own resources and solidarity with the corona pandemic and are taking creative measures. Due to the small number of medical ventilators, the autonomous administration is doing everything possible to obtain additional equipment. Against the Covid-19 pandemic disaster, three people in Amûdê decided to follow the request of the Kurdish Red Crescent, Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê, and develop a ventilator.

Electrical engineer Mehmûd Mihêmed Xêr and electrical technicians Mesûm Silêman and Serdar Tahir Selîm are behind the development of a first prototype, which they presented to the North Syrian news agency ANHA.

First prototype

The three colleagues succeeded in three days of work to produce a prototype that is capable of controlled ventilation. According to Serdar Tahir Selîm, the prototype can be used in hospitals after an approval by specialists and the Cizîrê Region Health Committee.

Mehmûd Mihêmed Xêr states that they have developed the device according to the world standard and continues: "We have decided to do something to meet the needs of our people. Before we started, we said to ourselves, "Dream and do something to make your dreams come true.”

All tests have been successful and the device can be used in the intensive care units as soon as it has been approved by the health staff, explains Mesûm Silêman.