8 Yazidis rescued from ISIS in Baghouz

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) rescued 8 more Yazidis, including 6 children, in Baghouz where the final battle against the ISIS gangs continues.

Reports say SDF fighters rescued 8 more Yazidis, 2 women and 6 children, and took them to safe areas during the operation in Baghouz village in Hajin town.

The rescued women are T.S. and E.M., while the children are named Eymen Xelil Heci, Dilbirin Celer, Xeyri Seref, Musa Hadi, Ayse and Ibrahim.

One of the rescued Yazidi civilians is from the village of Kocho which witnessed a most brutal massacre when ISIS mercenaries launched a genocidal aggression against Shengal in August 2014. After all the village residents were gathered in an area, the men were murdered in mass while women and children were taken away.

One of the rescued children is reported to be from Shengal centre, 3 from Til Izer and 2 from Khanasor, rescued with their mother.