Services in Serdem Camp in Shehba nearing completion

At the Serdem camp in Shehba, where displaced people from Afrin live, work on the construction of the sewer system and the roads is nearing completion. This has been possible through the created self-government structures in the camp.

The Serdem Camp is one of a total of four tent cities in the northern Syrian region of Shehba, where the people of Afrin found refuge after the occupation of Turkey in violation of international law in March 2018.

Under extremely difficult conditions, people have now spent more than a year in the camp. Last winter, especially the heavy rains caused challenges for the people. Numerous tents were flooded, many children fell ill due to the weather conditions.

Currently, the self-managed camp is working tirelessly on solutions to people's problems. In this scope, the camp administration has announced that work on building a sewer system and roads within the tent city is nearing completion. The people in the camp are happy about the projects that are now being realized.

An inhabitant of the camp, Subpî Bazo stated that the stench of the sewage had been unbearable. Therefore, people are very happy that the camp administration is now progressing the sewerage work.

Another resident Ezhra al-Mehmûd is also happy about the work in the camp. She hopes it will make things like the rainfall last winter a thing of the past.