Call from Shehba Canton lacking medicine under regime embargo

The Syrian regime has de facto imposed an embargo on the self-governing region of Shehba.

The Shehba Canton in North and East Syria region is faced with a critical lack of medicine and medical supplies due to the embargo imposed by the Syrian regime. This causes great concerns for the people with cancer and chronic diseases.

While the Syrian regime does not allow those seriously ill to be driven to Aleppo for treatment, there exists a shortage of some medicine in the region due to the embargo.

The lack of medicine experienced by the Avrîn Hospital and Heyva Sor a Kurd Healthcare Center fails to provide conditions for meeting the medical needs of the people living in the region, of children and women in the first place.

The lack of medicine affects mainly patients needing treatment in psychiatry, oncology and dialysis departments.

Heyva Sor a Kurd official Ekrem Ereb said that urgent medicine is needed for over a thousand people with skin cancer and dermatological diseases and 300 psychiatric patients.

Ekrem Ereb called upon concerned institutions and establishments to take action to provide medicine and medical supplies to the Shehba Canton.