Civilian tells how he was tortured and thrown into well in Afrin

75-year-old Hisên Ismail Ereb was abducted by the occupation forces in Afrin, tortured and left to die in a well.

The war crimes of the Erdoğan regime and its militias in Afrin continue. 75-year-old Hisên Ismail Ereb had stayed in Afrin’s Shiye district despite threats. Ereb witnessed the crimes of Turkey for two years, about which he now reports in an interview.

No one could escape the cruelty of the gangs

"The militias kidnapped civilians and demanded ransom money from their families. Neither women nor children, no one could escape the gangs' cruelty. We began to be able to distinguish the gangs in time," he explains and continues: "In Shiye there was mainly the so-called Sultan Sulayman Shah Brigade. The group was led by Abu Amsha who worked directly for Turkish Intelligence. This militia committed all these crimes.”

Turkification policy is practised

Ereb continues: "Turkish flags were hoisted at all facilities. Turkish names were given to all streets. People were forced to throw away their Syrian passports, Turkish identity papers were issued. The families of the occupying militias were accommodated in the houses of the displaced population."

Tortured and thrown into well

Ereb reports how torture spread throughout the canton and how he himself was abused by the militias. He recalls: "One night, Turkish soldiers and members of the Amshat militia stormed my house. Without any reason, they began to beat me cruelly. I fainted because of the torture and I could not see what was happening around me. As I am old, I could not defend myself. They hit me on the head with a gun. They wanted $3,000 from me. I told them I didn't have that much money. Then they threw me in the well and tried to kill me. When I fell down the well, I lost consciousness. I woke up the next morning. I climbed out of the well and saw the traces of torture on my body. I still have these marks."

The looting continues

According to Ereb, children under the age of 15 also fight in the mercenary groups controlled by Turkey. "These militias storm the houses and steal the produce from the olive harvest. Year-old trees are cut down and historic goods stolen." He also states that 300 members of the Amshat militia have now been transferred to Libya in return for money.