PYD: Afrin will be freed

Two years ago the Turkish invasion of Afrin began. The PYD declared on the occasion of the anniversary that the liberation of Afrin will mark the beginning of the collapse of the Neo-Ottoman Empire.

The invasion of Afrin by the Turkish state began on January 20, 2018 and the entire region was occupied in March. On the occasion of the anniversary, the PYD (Democratic Union Party) recalled that Afrin was captured with NATO weapons and that an incomparable resistance against the Turkish destruction was mounted: "The enemy has disregarded all laws prohibiting attacks on the civilian population. Thousands of people were killed or injured. Over 300,000 people had to leave their homes because of the occupation."

During and after the occupation, the Turkish state committed crimes against humanity, said the PYD and continued: "The families of mercenaries were accommodated in the houses. Cultural assets were looted, trees were cut down and houses were burned down. These violations of rights continue unabated. In order to prevent the crimes of the Turkish state from becoming public, journalists and human rights organisations are forbidden access to the region. The people displaced from Afrin are attacked in Shehba. The cruel attack on children in Tal Rifat is the greatest proof of the Turkish crimes".

Nevertheless, the people of Afrin continue to resist and wait for the day when they can return to their homeland, the PYD declaration continued: "Afrin was the first step in the Turkish state's plan to occupy all of northern Syria. With the operation launched on October 9, 2019, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî have been occupied. All Kurds and forces of Kurdistan must unite their forces against this policy. Our party feels the responsibility to lead the struggle for liberation from the occupation. The liberation of Afrin will be the beginning of the collapse of the neo-Ottoman Empire."