Cultivated areas set on fire in Kobanê

The Turkish army, together with allied terrorist groups, continue setting fire to fields in northern Syria by artillery fire.

The occupant Turkish army and allied mercenaries are deliberately setting fire to the cultivated lands of the local people in Şexler region of Kobanê.

The attacks of the occupation forces targeting the cultivated fields have increased with the onset of the harvest season.

The artillery attacks have caused grave damage on the fields of the people.

In the village of Boraz, west of Kobanê, wheat fields have been set on fire by targeted artillery fire from Turkish Jihadist occupation forces on Monday. The fire came from the Turkish occupation zone in Jarablus. Local residents were able to put out the fire before it spread further.

On Sunday, cultivated fields around the villages of Hec Îsmaîl, Keteş, Mişko and Bender in the west of Kobanê were set on fire. The targeted arson by the occupation forces in northern Syria is intended to starve and wear down the population.

The systematic arson in northern Syria represents a new quality of threat from the occupation forces. The vast majority of the population of Northern Syria lives on agriculture. For this reason, fields and agricultural infrastructure in particular are repeatedly targeted by the Turkish army and its Islamist auxiliary troops.