Foza Yûsif: We will break the Imrali system and liberate the occupied areas

In a speech during the Newroz celebration in Qamishlo, PYD Presidential Council Member Foza Yûsif said that “We will break the Imrali system and end the occupation.”

The Newroz celebration in the northern Syrian city of Qamishlo, which is held in the Newroz area in Himo town, kicked off following a moment of silence, followed by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan's assessment concerning the meaning of Newroz.

Addressing the crowd, PYD (Democratic Union Party) Presidential Council Member Yûsif stated that they wanted to announce their commitment to the democratic nation project to the whole world, vowing that they would continue to fight to this end.

Calling attention to the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, Yûsif said: “Öcalan has been fighting for us for 50 years. The İmralı system is directed against all peoples. We state that in 2023, we will break the İmralı system, secure the physical freedom of Öcalan, and liberate the occupied areas.”

Yûsif added: “We will not forget Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Grê Sipi. We will continue our resistance to liberate them.” Yûsif pointed out that the autonomous system introduced in North and East Syria has created a new culture of democracy for all peoples, offering a solution to the Syrian crisis.

The Kurdish politician emphasized that the most suitable solution for Syria is democracy, and the solution lies in Syria, but not in Moscow and Ankara. She called on the Damascus government to resume negotiations and frame a democratic Syrian constitution together.

Yûsif called on all Kurdish parties to eliminate the Treaty of Lausanne, to secure their rights, and to resist oppression and chauvinism.

The Newroz program continues with musical performances.