KDP does not allow the passage of injured and sick locals through Semalka border crossing

The Semalka Border Crossing Administration said that the KDP did not allow the passage of injured locals through.

The Semalka (Faysh Khabur, Kr: Pêşxabûr) border crossing is located between the town of Pêşxabûr on the east bank of the Tigris in Duhok province on the side of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and the town of Semalka in Dêrik on the side of western Kurdistan (northern Syria). It is currently the only way to get into North-East Syria, but also to get out and bring medicine and humanitarian aid supplies into the region. Only aid organisations and NGOs active in northern and eastern Syria were informed of the closure of the border crossing by Southern Kurdistan’s border control authority last week. However, no reason was given. The closure of the crossing could cause a disaster and further complicate the humanitarian situation in the region.

In a written statement, the Semalka Border Crossing Administration, affiliated with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), reacted to the unilateral closure of the border crossing on May 11 by the KDP-affiliated border administration.

The Semalka Border Crossing Administration stated that the KDP was trying to use the border crossing as a means of pressure by citing groundless reasons. It added: “Our people should know that the KDP wants to break our will and impose its power by using the border crossing against us.”

The statement remarked that the KDP did not allow the passage of injured locals through, leading to the death of some of them. “At the same time, many citizens were prevented from crossing into Bashur (South Kurdistan) on the grounds that they were against the Kurdish National Council (ENKS). Citizens who want to go to Bashur face an intelligence investigation.”

The statement emphasized that the Autonomous Administration had never closed the border crossing in spite of the KDP’s approach. It continued: “We have not taken any measures on our part to avoid any harm to the people in the region. We have always called for humanitarian issues to be kept out of political issues."

The Semalka Border Crossing Administration rejected the KDP's claim that ‘the crossing is used for the delivery of explosive materials,” saying: “We use the border crossing for humanitarian purposes. With these accusations, the KDP wants to cover up its violations against our people in Rojava.”

The statement pointed out that the border crossing remained open on the side of North and East Syria. It added that the KDP opened the crossing to ENKS officials, but did not allow injured and sick individuals to pass.

The Sêmalka Border Crossing Administration called on the Kurdistan Regional Administration to stop the pressure on the citizens of Rojava.