Mercenaries on their way to Libya arrive in Turkey from Afrin

On 1 May some 100 mercenaries belonging to the "National Army" and to be sent to Libya were transported from Afrin to Turkey.

On 1 May at 8: 30 am some 100 mercenaries belonging to the "National Army" and destined to go to Libya have been taken from Afrin to Turkey.

The mercenaries were taken across to Turkey from the village of Surke in Raco by bus, through a new bridge.

Local sources state that 2 mercenary  groups objected to going to Libya, but they were persuaded by MIT.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory had said in April that the number of mercenaries sent by the Turkish regime to Tripoli was 5,300, while nearly 2,100 others stayed in Turkey to undergo training courses.