People from border villages of Dirbêsiyê: Only SDF can protect us

ANF correspondent Axîn Tolhildan spoke with the people in the border villages of Dirbêsiyê. The people demand a border protection by the SDF.

In the city of Dirbêsiyê (al-Darbasiyah) in northern Syria there are about 320 villages. Most of these villages are located along the border with northern Kurdistan, the Kurdish territory within Turkey. These villages have constantly been a target to the threats and attacks of the Turkish state.One of these villages is Sherika.

Ahmed Yusif from Sherika told the ANF: "Only about one and a half months ago the life in our village and our city was normal. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) protected our border and we were satisfied with our lives. After the events in Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) the Syrian regime forces came to protect the border. Two or three days ago they abandoned their posts and left. We want our border to be protected by the SDF because our lives here were safer back then."

"The SDF are the children of this region"

Ferhad Arabo, another resident of Sherika, says: "The Turkish state wants to extend the occupation zone in Serêkaniyê and Tal Abyad also to Dirbêsiyê and Amûde. The real goal behind it is to make sure that the SDF retreat 32 kilometers inland with their heavy weapons so that the gangs of Turkey can enter our land freely. A few Russian patrol squads and ten regime soldiers cannot protect us. Who have protected and maintained security along the 400-kilometer-long border is the self force of our people. To what extent can external forces protest us? If Russia felt responsible for ending the war, we would not experience what is happening today. On the contrary, they have cleared the way for Turkey’s offensive. That was their plan.”

“The regime forces’ flight has panicked the people”

Ferhad Arabo continued: “As the people of the region, we want the SDF to take care of our security. We need neither the regime nor the Russians. Yesterday we saw the soldiers leave the front and run away. This has caused a panic among the population of Til Temir and Dirbêsiyê. That is part of the plan made to clear the way for the gangs. We have seen that the Internal Security Forces and the SDF have taken over our defense in their place. I must repeat it, no one can protect us except the SDF because this force is made up of the children of the people of the region."