People's Resistance: DAY 10 - LIVE BLOG

The historic resistance of the peoples against the Turkish state's invasion of North East Syria continues to grow.


The Turkish military helicopter which Turkish officials said had crashed turned out to have been downed by SDF fighters.


Reactions are growing in the face of the Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria, which was launched on October 9 and continues despite the ceasefire between the U.S. and Turkey announced on Thursday. Representatives of United Nations institutions have made statements on the latest situation on Friday.


SDF Serêkaniyê Commander Şervan Sason: The enemy seems to have promised to destroy us. My call to the Kurdish people is this; everyone should act in the spirit of the SDF fighters who are challenging death in the battle field.


Thousands took to the streets in Sulaymaniyah city of southern Kurdistan and protested the Turkish incursion seeking to invade North and East Syria under the motto “Rojava is not alone, Kurdistan stands behind it.”


Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria: The Turkish state has been violating the ceasefire. Ongoing attacks against some areas, Serêkaniyê in the first place, are claiming the lives of civilians.


People of Kobanê protested against Turkish attacks against northern Syria and called for urgent action to stop the Turkish massacres in the region.


The Swedish government has allocated 100 million kronor in aid for humanitarian efforts in northeastern Syria.


It came out that the Turkish state has committed yet another massacre against civilians in in Mishrafa village of Serekaniye. People heading to Serekaniye from the Cizire region have removed bodies of at least 16 civilians from the rubbles of houses bombed by Turkish jets on October 9.


SDF Press Office announced continued attacks throughout the night despite the ceasefire agreement, saying that 93 members of the occupation forces were killed during clashes on October 17.



The civilian convoy heading to Serekaniye in protest at the Turkish invasion has reached the Mishrafa village. The people removed six bodies from the rubble  of a house struck by Turkish jets.


Civilians from the Cizire region were targeted by Turkish attacks as they headed to the Serekaniye city.

The civilian convoy was meant to reach the city to open a corridor to evacuate those injured as the ongoing attacks also target the Serekaniye Hospital.

The hospital of Serekaniye was once again targeted by the attacks on the eastern front. Four large scale attacks were carried out against the hospital since Wednesday night. Two injured civilians who couldn’t be transferred to another hospital due to the attacks and obstructions of the Turkish state have lost their lives.


Footage from the Zirgan town in Serekaniye where Turkish jets struck civilians today, leaving many of them injured.


Turkish forces and mercenaries carried out an artillery attack against a convoy of civilians heading to Serekaniye from various parts of North and East Syria.


Serêkaniyê Command: The Turkish army violates the rules of ceasefire. If attacks continue, we will use our right of self defense and strongly retaliate against the attacks.


Turkish-backed mercenaries attacked the Serêkaniyê city, injuring three SDF fighters, one of them in critical condition.


Turkish jets struck the town of Zirgan in Serekaniye, leaving eight civilians injured.


The number of SDF fighters who fell in Turkish air raid in Serekaniye’s Emilxer village has risen to 5, while two other fighters were injured.


Turkish army and mercenaries plunder the houses and shops of people in Serekaniye.


Attacks against northern Syria continue despite the agreement between Turkey and the US announced on Thursday.

According to the ANF correspondent Ersin Çaksu’s reports from the ground, the Turkish army and mercenaries have deployed heavy weapons and armored vehicles around Serekaniye and attempted to enter the city through the western front.

Sporadic clashes were reported in the border area into the morning hours.


Attacks by the Turkish-backed mercenaries against Emilxer village of Serekaniye killed a SDF fighter and injured another two.


Amnesty International released a report accusing Turkey of carrying out serious violations and war crimes, including summary killings and unlawful attacks that have killed and injured civilians, during the offensive into northeast Syria.


Paramedics, including a US first aid team, who want to go to the region to help the wounded in Serêkaniyê cannot enter the city because of the attacks by mercenaries. Doctor David Eubank said they were blocked by Turkish invaders' mercenaries.


European Council urged Turkey to end its military action, to withdraw its forces and to respect international humanitarian law. 


The invading Turkish state is lifting the walls on the border village of Elok and send mercenariesto the city of Serêkaniyê. Turkish state mercenaries are attacking SDF posts.


Mercenaries linked to the occupying Turkish state are attacking SDF fighters' positions at the Şehîdan Junction near Serêkaniyê city center.


The invading Turkish army and mercenaries bombed the village of Şêwarxa in Şera (Afrin) with howitzers.


German intelligence warned people protesting the Turkish invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria in some German cities to watch out for provocation by the pro-AKP-MHP Turkish nationalists.


Hundreds of academics from all over the world call to boycott Turkey

A call to "Boycott Turkish Government Sponsored Academic and Cultural Institutions" was endorsed by a group of leading scholars in the fields of Western imperialism, settler colonialism, histories and anthropologies of the Middle East and/or the Arab World; gender studies, critical race studies, genocide studies and political violence.