SDF Commander: The PKK unites all oppressed peoples

SDF Commander İsmet Şêx Hesen stated that the PKK, which has reached millions of people and has an armed force exceeding tens of thousands, raises people all over the world and said, "The power and spirit created by the PKK unites all the oppressed."

İsmet Şêx Hesen, one of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) commanders, spoke to ANF on the occasion of the PKK's 45th anniversary. İsmet Şêx Hesen said that the PKK was a rebirth not only for the Kurdish people but also for all the peoples of the Middle East. "The enemy was saying, 'We destroyed the Kurds, buried them in the grave, poured concrete over them. They will never raise their heads again', but it was negated with the birth of the PKK. When the PKK emerged with the philosophy of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan), it created a change both in Kurdistan and in the Middle East. This change affected the whole world."

İsmet Şêx Hesen noted that Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey have turned the Kurds into a bargaining tool among themselves and built their existence on the Kurdish people. He continued: "The Turkish state sees the gains of the Kurdish people as its own end, because it has created itself through genocide and massacre. The PKK frustrated all its genocidal plans and prevented it from achieving its desired goal."

The sacrifice in the PKK was not found elsewhere

Stating that the PKK had an impact on the peoples of the Middle East with its understanding of the brotherhood of peoples, İsmet Şêx Hesen stated: "The PKK became a hope for all oppressed peoples. When we look only at the first martyrs of the PKK, it is enough to understand the essence of its philosophy. The first martyr in Turkey was a Turk. Again, the first martyr in Syria was an Arab. In fact, all peoples saw themselves in the PKK, which is why people from everywhere and from every nation joined the ranks of the PKK. People from France, Belgium, Germany and many other countries came and shed their blood in these lands. Those who joined the PKK lived in the mountains for years, giving up their personal lives and families to join the PKK. Even this lifestyle had a great impact. There was no such sacrifice in any previous revolution. Even no religion had such a lifestyle. People gave their lives in the mountains of Kurdistan unconditionally, without expecting anything. They still continue to fight. This is why the PKK is effective."

The PKK fulfils its promises

İsmet Şêx Hesen pointed out that the PKK, which started with a few people, has grown to millions, has an armed force exceeding tens of thousands, and is raising people all over the world: "The power and spirit created by the PKK unites all oppressed peoples. If today people from Kurdish, Armenian, Circassian, Arab, Turkmen and many other folks are fighting for one cause, it is the result of the PKK's 45-year struggle. The PKK will ensure that all oppressed peoples gain their rights and identities because it has made a promise to its martyrs, the Leadership and the peoples. All oppressed peoples should rest easy and not despair. Our faith and hope are complete. We, all oppressed peoples, will regain our rights and identities. Victory is inevitable for the four parts of Kurdistan and all oppressed peoples."