Three children injured in ongoing attacks on Manbij

Turkish state forces and affiliated groups derived from jihadist organisations have increased their attacks on the Manbij region in the past days.

Manbij has been under attack by jihadist proxy forces affiliated with Turkey since 1 September. On Tuesday, four members of the Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayîş) were killed in fighting. In a large-scale attack last Friday, four siblings aged ten, fourteen, fifteen and seventeen were killed by Turkish artillery fire. On Saturday, a 70-year-old woman was killed and other people were injured in a village on the north-western front. A commander of the Manbij Military Council, Bozan Berkel, lost his life after the detonation of a bomb placed in his car in Manbij this morning.

While the Turkish state and allied mercenaries continue their aggression in the region, the occupation forces attacked the village of Tehne in western Manbij and other villages to the east of al-Bab this morning.

The bombardment of the village of Tehne left three children from the same family injured. The children, named Îbrahîm El Casim (12), Celal El Casim (14) and Wîam El Casim (15) were taken to the Berkel Hospital in Manbij for treatment.

According to surgery assistant Ehmed El Elî, the three children were directly taken into an operation as soon as they were brought to the hospital in the morning. Surgeons had to take out the spleens of two of the children who had been hit by shell fragments in the stomach.  

Ehmed El Elî said that 15-year-old Wîam El Casim suffered a very critical injury between the kidney and stomach and may lose his kidney in the coming hours.