Turkey has shelled dozens of villages and towns in Rojava since the morning

The invading Turkish state has escalated its attacks on northern Syria since November 19 without interruption. Many villages and towns in Rojava have been bombed since the morning hours today.

The Turkish state has bombed hundreds of villages, towns and cities in northern Syria since November 19. Civilians and civil infrastructure of the region have been deliberately and systematically targeted in the ongoing attacks.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that 116 villages and towns were shelled alone on 23 November, when 2 fighters and 1 Asayish member were martyred.

The attacks have continued since the morning of 24 November. Some of the areas targeted during the day are as follows:

The Turkish army bombed the village of Til Eber, west of Kobanê, in Jarablus at around 15:40 local time. The village has been attacked at least three times since the morning hours.

The Turkish army bombed the Zirgan-Dirbesiyê road at around 15.10.

-The Turkish army started bombing Heremê Şêxo, Til Zîwan, Dado, Til Kêf, Herem Reş and Şorik villages in the Qamishlo Canton with howitzers and mortars at around 15.00 local time. As a result of the attacks, the power lines between the Heremê Şêxo and Herem Reş villages were damaged.

The Turkish state targeted the grain warehouses 2 km away from the district centre. At least 3 artillery shells hit the area.

Simultaneously, the village of Dugire near the Qamishlo road was targeted by Turkish forces.

The Til Rifet district of Shehba Canton and the Bêlûniyê village were also bombed.

The village of Haside, east of Amude, was bombed at around 14.30.

The Turkish army started bombing the Syriac villages of Mehrekan and Rûtan, 6 km northwest of Tirbespiyê, at around 14:00 local time.

The village of Dirdara, north of Temir, was bombed at around 12:30 local time.

The villages of Gozeliye and Til Leben, west of Til Temir, were bombed at around 11:30.

The villages of Til Werd, Dada Ebdal and Rebia of Zirgan were bombed at around 09:00.

During the same hours, the village of Cêşan, east of Kobanê and the village of Zorava, west of Kobanê, were shelled by artillery fire.

-Simultaneously, artillery fire hit the position of Syrian regime soldiers in the Qeremox village of Kobanê.

-The village of Aliaxa between Dêrik and Çilaxa was bombed by fighter jets.

- The villages of Şehlomiyhê, Zorava, Rûtan in Tirbespiyê, an oil field of the Seîde station and the Syriac village of Rûtan were bombed with mortars, DShK machine guns and heavy weaponry.