Turkish strikes leave health and education centres in Kobanê out of service

Health and education centres in Kobanê went out of service as a result of targeted attacks by the invading Turkish state.

A school in the village of Goran, east of Kobanê, was targeted in a Turkish attack on November 22. Major material damage to the school was reported following the attack.

Another attack targeted a health centre in the village of Qeremox in the east of the city. The health centre which provided service to 10 villages was damaged to a significant extent.

The Turkish bombardments of the past four days have left health and education centres out of service.

Moreover, a base station in the village of Cîşan, near the village of Qeremox, went out of service as a result of the attack.

The Turkish state bombed and destroyed a Covid Clinic in Kobanê on the night of November 19.