Yet another refugee murdered in Hol Camp

The ISIS people staying in the Hol Camp near Heseke continue to constitute a great danger for the camp which is house to 71,000 people.

On Thursday the body of Iraqi refugee Asad Alawi Medid (30) was found in the Hol Camp. The man was found stabbed in the heart and the chest.

The security forces of the camp began an on-site investigation. The body was found in one of the camp's newcomer tents.

The Hol Camp is partially out of control. ISIS women continue to attack refugees and enforce ISIS laws. The number of attacks has increased, especially after the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.

Only yesterday, Pakistani Fatima Abdulellah was stoned to death by supporters of the jihadist terrorist organization ISIS. The 50-year-old victim was killed on the grounds of not living according to Sharia law. The "court" founded by the female members of the Islamist militia had therefore decided that she had to be killed.

Last weekend, 23-year-old Iraqi refugee was seriously injured with 38 stab wounds.

The Hol Camp, located 45 km east of Heseke city and about one kilometer south of the Hol (al-Hawl) town, is the largest one in North and East Syria. It houses tens of thousands of refugees who include not only the ISIS members and families that surrendered to SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) in Baghouz, but also the civilians displaced from various regions of Iraq and Syria.

The camp hosts 71,658 displaced persons and refugees from different nationalities of more than 60 countries.

30,890 people are Iraqi refugees (for a total of 8,756 Iraqi families), 30,314 are displaced Syrians (8,906 Syrian families). 10,454 are people from around the world.

The latter includes 3,295 families of ISIS who are proving to represent a danger as big as the fighters held in the detention centers of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Hol Camp consists of 7 sections. The first three sections are accommodated by those who fled the ISIS attack in Mosul in 2014. The fourth section houses Syrian refugees, while the fifth, sixth and seventh sections are allocated to the families of ISIS members. The section called “Muhacirat” (Immigration) houses the families of foreign ISIS members.

Mazlum Abdi, General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), recently compared the situation in the camp to a "bomb that could explode". The autonomous administration of northern and eastern Syria has long been calling on the countries of origin of ISIS members in the camps and prisons in the region to take back their nationals. With a few exceptions, this call remains unheard. This situation is especially tragic for the children of ISIS members, who have no chance to escape Islamist indoctrination.

The camp has long come up with cases of violence.

On October 5, the body of an ISIS woman was discovered in the camp. Doctors in the camp stated that the woman was strangled to death the day before.

On October 3, a man from al-Bab was stabbed to death. According to reports, ISIS people killed the victim with 16 knife wounds.

On September 30, security forces at the Hol Camp intervened the ISIS women who set up a secret court. There was a shootout in which one jihadist woman was killed and seven others injured.

On September 29, ISIS women from Russia attacked and injured a woman resident of the camp because she did not comply with the ISIS ideology.

On the same day, a woman's corpse was discovered in the sewers in the camp.

On September 5, a young Iraqi citizen was killed by ISIS terrorists who infiltrated into the camp dressed in burqas.

On June 27, a pregnant woman from Indonesia, named Soder Mini, was found dead in the camp.