KBDH: We’ll call those seeking to usurp Shengal’s will to account

In a statement on the dirty agreement against Shengal, KBDH said: "We will call those who want to usurp the will of Shengal's people to account."

The Women's United Revolutionary Movement (KBDH) made a written statement over the dirty plot against Shengal (Sinjar).

The statement pointed out that; "The Yazidi people, who have lived in peace in their own lands throughout history, were massacred for the 73rd time with the ISIS attack 6 years ago. ISIS committed one of the most brutal massacres in history, killed thousands of people, raped women, sold between 5 and 7 thousand women as slaves in the markets and displaced them from their homes. It is an attack against the faith and culture of the Yazidi people and mind and body of the women.”

"When ISIS attacked Shengal, the homeland of the Yazidis, the Iraqi army and the peshmerga withdrew their military forces from the region and left the Yazidi people and women to their own fate and fled,” recalled the statement.

KBDH further stated the following: "The resistance led by 12 guerrillas against ISIS aggression prevented the Yazidis from being killed altogether. Under the leadership of the Shengal Defense Units (YBŞ) and the Shengal Women's Units (YJŞ), the Yazidi people expelled ISIS gangs from Shengal lands by inflicting heavy losses. Having left the Yazidi people face to face with the gangs and escaped while the gangs attacked Shengal, the KDP today wants to remove the YBŞ/YJŞ forces that have defended Shengal and confronted the attempt of genocide against their community.

This practice is a conspiracy practice involving imperialist and regional powers. The US, Turkey, the KDP and the Iraqi government are the actors in this conspiracy. These power centers want to eliminate the democratic autonomous administration established in Shengal. With the introduction of the demagogy 'Shengal should not be another Qandil', the democratic will and political military power of Shengal’s people and women are targeted. Male-dominated, fascist, colonial and collaborative forces in the world and in the region do not want the democratic model and self-defense organization formed in Shengal to spread in the region and become a role model for other oppressed and women."


KBDH emphasised that the goal was to make the KDP style collaborative will prevail in Shengal and continued; “The gains made by the people and women of Shengal at the cost of their lives are being ignored. Those who did not stand with the people of Shengal in their difficult times are now trying to determine their future. In the light of all these realities, and in the eye of the peoples of Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East, this agreement is null and void. The people of Shengal must decide on their own future.”

The statement underlined that; “As the Women’s United Revolutionary Movement, we salute with our most revolutionary feelings the YJŞ fighters who took part in the fight against ISIS, fought for their freedom against slavery and became the symbol of resistance and honor. We stand with the people and women of Shengal who have paid heavy prices in their struggle for freedom. We are in our positions with our weapons. In the event of a possible attack, we will make the fascist Turkish state and colloborating forces pay a price, and we will call to account those seeking to usurp the will of Shengal’s people.”