Three peshmergas died in drone attack on Sulaymaniyah airport

The South Kurdistan Anti-Terrorism Administration announced that 3 Peshmerga fighters lost their lives in the drone attack on Arbat Airport.

South Kurdistan Anti-Terrorism Administration (CTG) announced that 3 Peshmergas lost their lives in the drone attack on Arbat Airport in Sulaymaniyah.

In a statement about the attack, the CTG said: "On Monday, Arbat Airport in Sulaymaniyah was targeted by a drone by the invaders and the forces that want to disrupt the security of the Kurdistan Region. Unfortunately, three of our heroic friends were martyred in the attack and one peshmerga was injured."

The statement added that a comprehensive investigation on the issue was launched in coordination with the representatives of the countries with a presence in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and the Coalition Forces. "Those who are complicit in this attack will not remain unpunished. It is our duty to avenge our martyrs," the statement said.

The statement said that due to the security of the investigation, the details will not be disclosed to the public now but a detailed statement about the attack will be made in the coming days.