'One of the plans to annihilate the Yazidi people is to prevent their return to Shengal'

Shengal Autonomous Council Vice Co-Chair Hisen Sado said that the invading Turkish state attacked the people of Shengal as part of its plans aiming at the evacuation of the Yazidi town.

Shengal Autonomous Council Vice Co-Chair Hisen Sado spoke about the latest situation in Shengal and the dirty plans targeting the town, the ancient settlement of the Yazidi community.

Sado noted that the people of Shengal have been returning to their land in recent days and added, “The region will enter a new phase in the coming period. Therefore, it is crucial for our people to prepare themselves.”

Commenting on the situation in Shengal, Sado stated, “The current process is not easy and the plans being made right now are even more dangerous than the onslaught of ISIS. Shengal is in a very strategic position. Some neighboring countries are trying to impose themselves on us through certain political factions within us. As the Autonomous Administration of Shengal, we will continue to fight with all our might to protect our people from these dirty schemes and plans. We will not stop marching on the path for which we have sacrificed thousands of martyrs.”

Regarding the return of Shengal's people to their land, Sado said, “We are at a convenient time for our people to return home. We think that the region will enter a new phase in the upcoming period and its impact on our people will be significant. Once on their own land, our people can resist any plans. As the Autonomous Administration of Shengal, we welcome our people who return to their homes and provide them with support within the bounds of possibility. Through our municipality, we are doing our best to provide essential services.”

Emphasizing that one of the plans to annihilate the people is to prevent their return, Sado stated, “As the people return to their land, the Turkish state targets the region with aircraft and seeks to portray Shengal as unstable. However, these attacks will not be able to prevent the return of the Shengal people because they know that if they do not return home, they will be destroyed. They are aware of the Turkish state's goal of leaving Shengal without Yazidis.”

Sado pointed out that the invading Turkish state not only targets Shengal but also carries out attacks on Iraqi territory through collaboration. He continued, “That's why there is silence among the public. They attack Iraq's sovereignty by warplanes and, as Yazidis, we are subjected to these attacks. During the attacks of the ISIS gangs on Shengal, they besieged the village of Kocho. At that time, too, they had aircraft, but they did not use them to rescue the Yazidis. They use their aircraft for the interests of dominant states, not to save the lives of civilians.”

Referring to the statements of the Iraqi government regarding the attacks by the Turkish state, Sado noted that when Iraq's sovereignty is violated, only weak statements are made. He added that, in addition, no practical steps are taken and the Turkish state continues its attacks disregarding these statements.

Speaking about the wave of migration, Sado concluded, “Whenever our displaced people return to Shengal, there are some parties that bring up the issue of migration. They try to send our youth and people abroad. This is a great threat to the future of our people. Our people should not fall into these traps and should not leave their lands.”