Siwar Idlib Brigade Commander says infiltration attempt by mercenaries foiled

Siwar Idlib Brigade fighters foiled the infiltration attempt of mercenaries affiliated with the Turkish state in the west of Manbij Canton on Monday.

Fighters of the Siwar Idlib Brigade, affiliated with the Jabhat Al Akrad Forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), foiled the attempt of mercenaries affiliated with the occupying Turkish state to infiltrate the village of Biwêhêc in the west of Manbij Canton on Monday.

Manbij Military Council Press Liaison Center announced that the infiltration attempt started from the village of Kirêdayê on Monday, but was foiled by the fighters. Many people were injured as the result of the attempt to infiltrate.

Siwar Idlib Brigade Commander Iskender Elaa told ANHA that the mercenaries aimed to disturb the peace of the people of the region during the Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) and said: "Our forces surrounded those mercenaries for 4 hours. The mercenaries tried to enter the village around 16:30 in the evening, and we surrounded them at 20:30. When it got dark, they retreated."

Commander Elaa said that there were 20 mercenaries in the front line and 15 mercenaries in the back line and said: "Heavy weapons and artillery were used. Additionally, cannons were fired from the bases of the invading Turkish army to support the mercenaries. However, his fighters frustrated that attack with great morale."

Commander Elaa continued her speech as follows: "Mercenaries wanted to violate the Eid al-Adha and disrupt the peace of safe villages by using the days of the feast. The occupying Turkish state and its mercenaries have been trying to enter the villages of Biwêhêc and Boxazê for 7 months. But the resistance against them continues."

Commander Elaa underlined that his forces will continue to defeat attacks against the people and lands of the region in order to disrupt peace.