Güven appeals to the Speaker of Bashur Parliament for Maxmur

Leyla Güven called on the Speaker of Parliament of South Kurdistan Rewas Fayeq to take action for the removal of the embargo on Maxmur refugee camp.

Peoples’ Democratic (HDP) MP Leyla Güven appealed in a telephone conversation to the Speaker of Parliament of South Kurdistan, Rewas Fayeq, to take an initiative to lift the embargo on Martyr Rüstem Cudi Refugee Camp in Maxmur.

According to RojNews, Hussein promised to take action on the matter and reported that a delegation has been commissioned to investigate the problems.

After the 17 July attack in the Huqqabaz restaurant in Erbil which left Turkey’s MIT (National Intelligence Agency) operative Osman Köse dead, the security forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) closed all ways in and out of the Maxmur Camp, which is now surrounded and under a strict embargo.

Despite the fact that the camp is under control of the United Nations (UN), Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraqi Central Government, entering and leaving the camp has been prohibited since July 19. No one is allowed to leave the camp, not even for medical or other emergencies. Two pregnant women have lost their babies as they couldn’t make it to Hewler for treatment after having health issues.