YBŞ: Shengal attack carried out in MIT-Parastin partnership

In a statement, YBŞ Command said that the Turkish attack in Shengal on December 7 was carried out in partnership with Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) intelligence service Parastin and Turkish secret service MIT and their collaborators.

The Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) Command released a written statement concerning the Turkish drone attack that killed Shengal Autonomous Administration Council co-chair Merwan Bedel on Tuesday. “This is not an attack that the Turkish state can carry out alone. Our people should know well that just as we defeated ISIS, we will defeat the MIT-Parastin and their collaborators through our resistance and struggle,” the statement said.

The YBŞ's statement is as follows:

“On December 7, one of the leading members of our people, comrade Merwan Bedel was targeted and martyred in an air strike by the Turkish state. This attack was organized by the Turkish intelligence service MIT, Parastin and a group of betrayers working for them. However, we will not be responsible for what will follow because, for us, ISIS, MIT and PARASTIN are all the same. We promise all our people and martyrs that we will follow in the footsteps of the martyrs and continue our struggle.

Traitors, collaborators and those who think we will take a step back because of these attacks should know that we are persistent and determined in our resistance and struggle. Since we promised our martyred comrades and our people, we will not abandon our resistance and struggle until victory, and we will increase our struggle. We have already made this decision. Therefore, our people should know well that just as we defeated ISIS, we will defeat the MIT-Parastin and their collaborators through our resistance and struggle. We reiterate our promise that we will protect and promote the values ​​of our martyrs with our blood. By following in the footsteps of our martyrs, we will successfully make their unfinished dreams come true.

The enemy wants to deprive our people of its status through these attacks. They want us to give up the values ​​created by our martyred comrades and take a step back. We are saying this to those who planned, prepared and supported these attacks; our enemies will not be able to realize their dreams and plans. As we said before, we have made our decision and made it clear that we remain persistent in our resistance and struggle. Therefore, our determination and resistance will not allow the enemy forces to realize their plans.

Our people in South Kurdistan should remain alert against the joint attacks of MIT and Parastin. It should be known that Parastin is currently acting as an organization working for MIT. For this reason, our people in South Kurdistan should beware of these collaborators-traitors and should not allow these forces to operate smoothly in South Kurdistan. Because these forces want to attack South Kurdistan by reactivating ISIS which murdered our people. Currently, Turkish military reconnaissance planes are operating and carrying out attacks in South Kurdistan. In the meantime, the Turkish MIT easily organizes and operates in South Kurdistan. This is the main reason of the occupation of South Kurdistan by the fascist Turkish state.

They want to destroy the values ​​created by our people in the South and leave South Kurdistan and our people there without status. Therefore, our people in South Kurdistan should not remain silent towards these attacks. First, our young people in South Kurdistan bear tremendous responsibility. Our young people in South Kurdistan must defy the activities of the MIT, its organizations and the occupation of South Kurdistan, expose those collaborating with the MIT and Parastin, and respond to these treacherous collaborators. This is a historical mission. We believe that our young people from South Kurdistan will fulfil their historical duties.

Moreover, our people must unite against the enemy cooperation around an idea and spirit. Our people can only resist these attacks in concert. Furthermore, our people should be involved more than ever in the struggle for self-determination. They should come together, develop and join the struggle through self-organization around the YBŞ and YJŞ which were established by their children. The YBŞ and YJŞ organize the self-defence of our people in order to protect them against external attacks. Hence, our people bear historical responsibilities. Our people need to organize and defend themselves against these attacks. Together with the YBŞ and the Shengal Autonomous Council, our people must fight and unite against these allies. The YBŞ is an ideological movement consisting of the children of our people. A movement which relies on its own people and an ideological cause will never fail.

These attacks by the fascist Turkish state are not only against the Yazidis, the people of Shengal or Kurdistan. In fact, these are steps seeking to invade Iraq. For this reason, the Kurdistan regional government and the Iraqi state should not remain silent in the face of these attacks of the fascist Turkish state. We must raise our voices against these attacks. Remaining silent means supporting the invasion of Iraq. Therefore, the Kurdistan regional government should not remain silent. The fascist Turkish state has not given up its ​​National Pact (Misak-ı Milli) that it has always dreamed of. Especially shortly before the centenary of the Lausanne Treaty, the invading Turkish state aims to invade Iraq, particularly Kirkuk, Mosul, Shengal and South Kurdistan. Therefore, the Iraqi state and the Kurdistan regional government should take a stand against these attacks of the fascist Turkish state. As the YBŞ forces, we have always stated that in the event of an attack directed at the Kurdistan regional government and the Democratic Autonomy of Shengal, we will ally with the Iraqi state forces to defend Iraq.

From comrade Zeki to comrade Zerdeşt, from comrade Seîd to comrade Dijwar, we gave dozens of martyrs for the status of Shengal. We reiterate our promise to our great martyrs, leading members and commanders of our people that we will not renounce our struggle and that we will increase our resistance. We promise that we will successfully promote these values that were ​​created with the blood of our martyrs. Also, we see that the KDP does not have the strength to fight bravely. It has no power other than dirty collaborations, espionage and treason. We will continue to fight this line of cooperation and betrayal. On this basis, we call on the families of those who were betrayed by this cooperation: keep your children away from this cooperation or we will not be responsible for what will happen. Since 2014, we have given a total of 409 martyrs following the attacks by ISIS, the Turkish state and the KDP. Most recently, our comrade Merwan Bedel was martyred for Shengal's status and freedom. We, as the YBŞ, will follow in the footsteps of our martyrs and fight to the last drop of our blood to achieve a status for Shengal.

We say that we will put up great resistance against all attacks and organize our own forces to establish the democratic autonomy of Shengal. This is our promise to our martyrs and our people.”