Child traumatized during house raid in Kars no longer speaks

The ten-year-old daughter of Hamit Taşdelen, the imprisoned HDP city council member in Digor, was severely traumatized by the police raid in which her father was arrested. She stopped speaking and panicked at the doorbell.

Hamit Taşdelen is one of the 21 politicians of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) who were arrested during a raid in the province of Kars on October 1. Co-mayor Şevin Alaca was also arrested in the same operation. The ten-year-old daughter of the Digor city council member, Şilan Taşdelen, was severely traumatized by the raid and has stopped speaking.

Her mother, Gülşen Taşdelen, tells, how their bell rang at 4.00 o'clock in the night and immediately the door was broken; "They searched everything very carefully. My husband has a heart condition. Nevertheless, they threw him on the floor and arrested him. My little daughter suffers from a physical disability. She was at home during the raid and suffered such a severe shock that she stopped speaking for fear."

The mother says that her daughter is beginning to speak again only now, more than ten days after the raid. But whenever the doorbell rings, she panics.

"During the raid, the police searched all rooms. They even tore my daughters' blankets off the bed. I told them that they should at least respect people's privacy, but they didn't even listen. When my little daughter saw her father lying on the floor, she suffered a shock. She has not overcome this shock to this day. She asks about her father every night. Whenever the doorbell rings she is afraid."

The family is also facing serious economic problems. Taşdelen says: "The only one who made money was my husband, they arrested him. I don't know what we should do."

The family is concerned about the health of Hamit Taşdelen. He has a heart condition and suffers from high blood pressure. Although these illnesses were pointed out during the arrest, he was arrested with his hands tied behind his back. Due to the deterioration of his health condition he was hospitalized.