Call for international action against Turkish occupation and crimes in North-East Syria

32 political parties and organizations in North and East Syria hold Turkey responsible for the killing of 4 Kurds in Jindires, calling on the international community to take steps to end the Turkish occupation in the region.

32 political parties and organizations in North and East Syria released a statement concerning the murder of four Kurdish locals who wanted to celebrate Newroz in the Jindires district in the Turkish-occupied Afrin city in northern Syria.

The press statement made in front of the North-East Syria Diplomatic Relations and Research Centre in Qamishlo said the following:

“The Al-Sharqiya group affiliated with the Syrian National Army opened fire on a group of Kurdish locals who wanted to light a Newroz fire in Afrin's Jindires district, claiming the lives of 4 citizens and injuring some others.

This crime reveals the current situation in the regions occupied by the Turkish state and its mercenaries. Afrin has been suffering for the last 5 years from terrorist acts of murder, torture and theft by ISIS remnants, Al-Nusra and the Turkish state. The Turkish state settles armed groups to replace the local Kurds in an attempt to change the demographic structure of the region.

The Turkish state and the opposition are responsible for both the recent killings and other crimes committed in the region. Moreover, attempts to justify an armed group seek to cover up the tragedy and the truth in Afrin and other occupied areas of Syria.

As the parties in North and East Syria, we commemorate the martyrs and wish the injured a quick recovery.  We call on the international community, the United Nations Security Council, the USA and Russia to take steps to end the Turkish occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and other regions in North-East Syria.

We urge all Syrian peoples to step up the struggle to end the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, to stand by the citizens of Afrin who stand against massacres, and to promote the right of IDPs to return to their houses.

This crime has been committed at a time when efforts are made to speed up the implementation of  UN Resolution 2254 [which calls for a cessation of all hostilities, respect for Syria's sovereignty and a political solution for Syria], to achieve a lasting solution to the Syrian crisis and to build a decentralized and democratic country where justice, freedom and equality are secured.”

The parties and political groups that issued the joint statement are as follows:

Partiya Yekitiya Demokratîk, Partiya Kesk a Demokratîk, Partiya Aştiyê ya Demokratîk a Kurdistanê, Yekitiya Lîberal a Kurdistanê, Partiya Komunîst a Kurdistanê, Partiya Demokrat a Kurdistanê-Sûriyê, Partiya Demokratîk a Kurdî li Sûriyê, Partiya Partiya Partiya Kurdistane Democrat a Kurd li Sûriyê, Partiya Kombûna Nîştimanî ya Kurdistanî, Tevgera Guhertinê ya Demokratîk a Kurdistanê, Tevgera Nûjen a Kurdistanê, Yekitiya Karkeran a Kurdistanê, Desteya Nîştimanî ya Erebî, Partiya Nûjen a Kurdistanê, Desteya Nîştimani ya Erebî, Partiya Nûjen a Kurdistane, a Demokratik a Kurdistane Tevgera Çaksazi or Kurdî-Sûriye, Partiya Asûrî or Demokratîk, Partiya Biratî or Kurdistanê, Partiya Roj a Demokrat a Kurd li Syria, Yekitiya Nîştimanî or Azad-Rojava, Tevgera Civaka Demokratîk, Kongra Star, Democratization, Partiya Karate, Partiya Partiya Tevgera Peşeroj a Kurdistanê, Partiya Demokrat a Kurdistanê-Rojavayê Kurdistanê, Desteya Koordîneyê ya Nîştimani (Tevgera Guhertinê or Demokartik), Partiya Yekitiy a Suryan, Partiya Sûriya Peşerojê, Şepêla Çep a Şoreşger li Sûriyê, Partiya Yekitiya Demokratîk a Kurd li Sûriyê.