ISIS flag taken down, YPJ flag planted in Baghouz

The ISIS is militarily at the end. The final operation against the jihadist militia in the last ISIS enclave of al-Baghouz also involved YPJ units. Where black flags were waving yesterday are now YPJ flags.

For about five years, the terrorist group "Islamic State" (ISIS) spread fear and terror in Syria and Iraq. The dream of building the so-called caliphate in the Middle East is over, the militia is militarily at the end.

With the capture of the last ISIS enclave Baghouz in the Syrian-Iraqi border area, the offensive "Cizirê Storm" of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is ended. It's just a matter of time before the SDF officially announces victory over the jihadist militia once sweeping efforts are completed.

As the backbone of the SDF, the People's and Women's Defense Units YPG and YPJ were also involved in the final stage of the offensive against the ISIS. Their flags now wave in place of the black flags in Baghouz. Yesterday YPJ fighters took the last black piece of cloth from a roof that still waved in the village and hoisted their own flag.

The YPJ fighters devoted their victory to "all women in the world, but especially to the Yazidi women", wishing them a happy Newroz.

Photos: Nazım Daştan of the Mesopotamia Agency (MA)